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Silent Brass System For Trumpet Yamaha SB79C
Silent Brass Trumpet

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The Yamaha Silent Brass system is a complete portable and soundproof system, and could be the most innovative product for brass instruments since the valve. With Silent Brass, you'll hear a sound inside the earphones so rich and full you'll think you are standing on a concert hall stage.

The Yamaha Silent Brass system lets you play your horn anywhere you want, anytime you want, and with just the kind of ambiance you feel like. You can mix into the sounds of a CD player, a Silent Piano, an electronic keyboard or other Silent Brass, and output your playing into a tape deck or even an amp with speakers. Never again will you have to search for a practice room, have to 'stop because it's getting late'.

The Yamaha Silent Brass system for trumpet and cornet includes the ST9 Personal Studio, PM7 Pickup mute, and earphones. Separate Pickup Mutes are also available.

PM7 Silent Brass System Pickup Mute for Trumpet/Cornet
Created by the Yamaha wind instrument design team, the Silent brass pickup mute is made of lightweight plastic, with a unique rubber sealer to hold it securely in the bell. When used with the Silent Brass system, it has none of that stuffy restricted feeling of conventional practice mutes. In fact, it blows so close to a natural open horn that you simply won't believe it until you actually experience it for yourself. Play high or low, loud or soft, and your pitch will remain true and centered. A special microphone inside the mute relays your sound to the Personal Studio.

Silent Brass ST9 Practice Module

Smaller, lighter and more portable
The redesigned Silent Brass module is smaller than a cassette tape and weighs about as much. It fits easily into a shirt pocket and can be attached to the player's belt, if desired. This makes the new Silent Brass systems much more portable and convenient.

Improved sound
The sound from this "next generation" system has been greatly improved over the previous generation. The "hiss" has been greatly reduced, allowing the player to hear more of himself and less noise.

Simplified controls and sleeker look
The new module has only a volume knob and an echo switch, eliminating the unneeded extra features and making it even more affordable.

Aux In jack
One of the things we carried over from the previous generation was the Aux In jack. This jack allows an external sound source to be combined with the signal coming from the mute or microphone. The player can then play along with their favorite song in practice and performance settings and put the fun back in their practice sessions.

Input jack
The input jack allows a quick and easy connection to a Yamaha pickup mute for practice or to a Yamaha MC-7 instrument mic for performance.

Output/phones jack
The Output/phones jack allows the Silent Brass system to be connected to earphones for private practice, an external sound system for sound reproduction, or to a recording system for recording.

Silent Brass System For Trumpet Yamaha SB79C Features:

  • Specifications
  • Pickup Mute PM7 (Internal electric condenser microphone)
  • Includes cable to connect to MP3 player
  • Dimensions 70 (2-3/4") x 200 (7-7/8") mm (diameter x length)
  • Weight 120 g (4.2oz.)

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Reviewer: cody

I recently just started playing my trumpet again because I had quit band this past year. Silent Brass has made it so easy for me to play at night or during any part of the day. My parents used to get annoyed because the walls at my house are paper thin but now they don't even know when i'm playing. If you want a way to play and keep it to yourself this is the way to go, I am taking it to college with me this fall.

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