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Crate Amps

Crate guitar amps are designed for the most technically and sonically demanding players. Featuring intricately variable settings on a brushed aluminum faceplate, the Crate GTX guitar amp cuts like a knife. In rehearsal, recording, or performance—if technical accuracy or effects mastery is paramount, Crate GTX guitar amps can do the job.

Crate Amp

The Crate GTX65 guitar amp is a true three channel amp. The Solo Channel features Gain, Shape and Level; the Overdrive Channel features Gain, 3 band EQ and Level and the Clean Channel features Volume and three band EQ. The GTX65 is large enough to use for a band rehearsal and small venue, as well as small enough to use for home practice or even a home studio.

The enhanced DSP section on the Crate GTX65 includes the ability to select a multi-effect, add a variety of delay types and styles, modify delay times, and add digital reverb separately. There is a visual indication of channel mode and tap speed for each effect. In addition, all customized effects can be “channel tracked” to each of the three channels and remain stored even when the amps are powered off. This Crate amp is loaded!