Yamaha MW12 USB Mixing Studio

The Yamaha MW12 USB mixer is the easiest way to turn your computer into a home studio. Just connect the MW12 to a USB terminal on your laptop or desktop computer, and you’ve got an instant, high-quality audio recording studio.

Yamaha MW12 USB Mixing StudioThe Yamaha MW12 delivers true plug-and-play USB audio input/output interfacing, and lets you easily mix your audio sources down to two-track stereo for recording to computer. The MW12 package includes Steinberg’s Cubase LE, a cross- platform software that provides a complete audio/MIDI recording solution, along with video playback and music notation capabilities.

Cubase LE is a full-featured music production software based on the award-winning Cubase SX and SL programs. It gives you up to 48 simultaneous audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks, plus a variety of VST plug-in software synths and effects, as well as full VSTi compatibility, with support for up to eight VST instruments. Just as the Yamaha MW12 USB Mixing Studio is your all-in-one solution to mixing and recording tracks to computer, Cubase LE provides all you need to record, edit, process and mixdown your masterpieces. At the center of Cubase LE is a full-fledged audio/MIDI sequencer, which allows you to record audio (vocals, guitar, etc.) along with MIDI data (from keyboards, synthesizers, etc.) and have everything in perfect sync.

Order your MW12 at Andy’s Music Online today, and get your home studio cookin’ up some sounds!

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