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Ibanez Guitar Counterfeit Warning

The Ibanez guitar company has issued this warning about counterfeit Ibanez guitars.

“Some auction websites currently have hundreds of instruments that look like Ibanez guitars and/or feature our trademarked Ibanez headstocks and logos. These guitars do not offer the feel, sound and quality people expect from Ibanez. In fact, most are not good guitars by any standard.

We here at Ibanez, our distributors, and our retailers have heard many complaints from consumers who have purchased these instruments thinking they were getting a great deal when actually, in the end, they were getting swindled.

If a guitar is up for auction or straight sale at a price that’s a fraction of what a new or used Ibanez guitar would typically sell for, chances are it’s not a genuine Ibanez. If the shipping cost is more than the price of the guitar, it’s probably not a genuine Ibanez. As the old saying goes,” If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.”

The best protection against being cheated or disappointed is to buy your new or used Ibanez guitars and basses from an authorized Ibanez retailer. To locate your nearest authorized Ibanez dealer, please consult the dealer locator here on our website. Mike G Law successfully deals with such cases.

One final but very important note: Because of the damages and hardship that illegal merchandise cause at so many levels, counterfeiting in the United States is a serious crime. By Federal statutes, it’s not only a felony to sell counterfeit merchandise, it’s a felony even to own it.”

For information on Ibanez guitars, click here.

Yamaha YPG Series Now Shipping

Yamaha used its experience building acoustic pianos to create the YPG Portable Grand Series of keyboards. The Yamaha YPG625 and YPG525 both have 88 keys. While the keys on the YPG625 are weighted, the keys on the YPG525 are not. The YPG225 has 76 keys.

The Yamaha Portable Grand Series Keyboards are perfect for practicing or performing. While special care has been taken to make the Portable Grand Series sound as much like an acoustic piano as possible, you’ll also find a host of classic synthesizer features that will let you practice and perform in any style you can imagine.

Yamaha YPG625The Yamaha YPG 625 is Yamaha’s most piano like ever, with weighted graded hammer action, ultra-real feel and more! All the best sounds are available at the push of button and recording virtuoso performances is simple with the built-in recorder. The Yamaha Education Suite and USB connectivity (USB to Device) add functionality. The YPG525 is like the YPG625, except the keys are not weighted.

The YPG-225 features 76 piano-style touch sensitive keys, professional pitch bend wheel for more expressive playing of brass and string instruments and comes with innovative features like USB computer connectivity, a large selection of realistic voices including the Yamaha Portable Grand, and the Yamaha Education Suite.

The Yamaha YPG series of keyboards are truly at the top of their class for quality sound, features, and versatility. For more information contact, or click the links above.

Yamaha PF1000

The Yamaha PF1000 digital piano features a weighted action 88-note GH keyboard, 96 notes of polyphony and some of the highest quality piano sounds available on the market. The PF1000 also features unique home entertainment features auto-accompaniment music styles and notation and lyric displays.

Although loaded with advanced music performance functions, the Yamaha PF1000 is first and foremost a fine digital piano. Carefully crafted to emulate the expressive touch and warm sound of an acoustic piano in every way, the PF1000 uses three layers of stereo piano samples, each set at a different velocity. What this means in real terms is that when you touch the keys lightly, you’ll hear a soft, delicate piano sound. And as you play harder, the sound not only becomes louder, but also richer with more harmonic overtones, just like on a real piano.

The Yamaha PF1000 also includes a custom three-foot pedal to reproduce the damper, sostenuto and soft pedal effects of a traditional piano. The PF1000 is truly one of the finest digital pianos available. Treat yourself to the quality and tone of a fine digital piano, the Yamaha PF1000. Order yours now – it’s not excessive when it’s well deserved!