Yamaha PF1000

The Yamaha PF1000 digital piano features a weighted action 88-note GH keyboard, 96 notes of polyphony and some of the highest quality piano sounds available on the market. The PF1000 also features unique home entertainment features auto-accompaniment music styles and notation and lyric displays.

Although loaded with advanced music performance functions, the Yamaha PF1000 is first and foremost a fine digital piano. Carefully crafted to emulate the expressive touch and warm sound of an acoustic piano in every way, the PF1000 uses three layers of stereo piano samples, each set at a different velocity. What this means in real terms is that when you touch the keys lightly, you’ll hear a soft, delicate piano sound. And as you play harder, the sound not only becomes louder, but also richer with more harmonic overtones, just like on a real piano.

The Yamaha PF1000 also includes a custom three-foot pedal to reproduce the damper, sostenuto and soft pedal effects of a traditional piano. The PF1000 is truly one of the finest digital pianos available. Treat yourself to the quality and tone of a fine digital piano, the Yamaha PF1000. Order yours now – it’s not excessive when it’s well deserved!

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