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Zoom H4 Digital Recorder

The Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder is ideal for recording live musical performances, interviews, pod casts, meetings, classes, and seminars – and it fits in the palm or your hand! The H4 allows you to record 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio as well as in MP3 format with bitrates up to 320kbps.




The Zoom H4 features two studio-quality electret condenser microphones configured in an X/Y pattern for true stereo recording. It also includes 2 combination XLR-1/4-inch input jacks with phantom power for use with any external microphones of your choice. And the H4 is loaded with onboard studio effects like compression, limiting and mic modeling. An 1/8-inch headphone jack is also provided for monitoring.

The H4 records data to Secure Digital (SD) media, and a 128MB SD card is included with the unit. With a 2GB SD memory card, the H4 provides up to 380 minutes of recording in 16-bit mode (CD Quality), and 34 hours in MP3 stereo mode. To move your recordings to a PC or Mac, the H4 includes a USB mass-storage interface.

The H4 provides four hours of continuous recording operation from 2 AA batteries. A back-lit, 128×64 pixel LCD provides the visual interface. An AC adapter, USB cable, windshield cover and tripod adapter are also included.

Epiphone Guitar Giveaway And Free Restring

Andy’s Music and Epiphone Guitars recently hosted an event for Andy’s customers in the Mobile area. The event featured an Epiphone guitar giveaway, a question and answer session with Scott Riley, Epiphone product specialist, and a free guitar restring for the first fifty customers.Michael McClelland completes a customer restring.

Andy’s customers who received a special invitation were able to bring their guitar in for a free restring and adjustment. Strings were provided by Gibson Musical Instruments. Special event pricing was available on Epiphone guitars and amplifiers.

Les Paul winner Michael Sforzini (right) and Scott RileyTwo Epiphone electric guitars with gig bags were provided for the drawing; a Dot Studio in cherry finish, and a Les Paul. Two drawings were held during the afternoon, one at 1:00 PM and the final at 4:00 PM. Local guitarist and physician Michael Sforzini was selected on the first drawing, and he chose the Les Paul. John Johnson was the winner of the second drawing, and he received the Dot Studio. Needless to say, both winners were very happy.

“We’re grateful to Gibson Musical Instruments for providing the Epiphone guitars for this event”, Dot Studio winner John Johnson (center), Epiphone product specialist Scott Riley (left), and James Andrews.said Jim Andrews of Andy’s Music. “When you give a new guitar to a customer and say, ‘Here it is, no charge!’, they never forget that moment, it’s with them for a lifetime. You can’t buy that kind of goodwill.”


Epiphone product specialist Scott Riley (center), discusses the Masterbilt series of acoustic guitars with Mike McClelland (left) and James Andrews.Throughout the day, Andy’s customers received all sorts of swag; key chains, posters, Epiphone T-Shirts, and of course, the free restring. “Scott Riley, the Epiphone product specialist was a big help,” said Andrews. “He answered customers’ questions, and even gave some of our staff additional product demonstrations. We must not forget our rep, Byran Young, who initiated and setup this event. The Epiphone van was a nice touch too. It created some excitement of its own.” Epiphone Guitar Van


BOSS Micro BR,  the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, the tiny-yet-powerful Micro BR is a dream for musicians on the go. The Micro BR offers four simultaneous playback tracks (plus 32 V-Tracks), MP3 compatibility, onboard multi-effects, built-in rhythm patterns, a tuner, USB, an SD Card slot, and more.

The BOSS Micro BR is so small you can put it in your pocket! It measures just 136.0 mm x 81.0 mm x 21.4 mm (5-3/8″ x 3-3/16″ x 7/8″). But even though it’s tiny, the Micro BR packs an entire studio’s worth of features into its tiny case. There are a dozen buttons on its front panel, nine knobs, and even a built-in microphone for quick capture.

Given the Micro BR’s small size and low price, you might be surprised to find the next two features onboard: (1) Almost 300 drum patterns are included. Use them for play-along inspiration or even as song foundations. The rhythms don’t consume any of the four playback tracks — they play back independently. (2) A quality multi-effects processor is onboard, including a time-stretch algorithm for changing the tempo of your audio tracks without changing pitch — a great tool for both audio editing and phrase training. The Time Stretch feature can also be used with MP3 data; the Micro BR’s Center Cancel feature can be applied to MP3 data as well.



Guitar Pack – Squier Acoustic Guitar Package

Squier Guitar PackTake the Squier acoustic guitar with you anywhere you go and play anything you want. Nothing’s easier to work into an active lifestyle than a Fender Squier. This Squier has the right features, size and price for beginning guitarists, and is one of the best deals on the web.

The Squier acoustic guitar pack features a full size dreadnought guitar with natural gloss finish, Spruce top, Nato back and sides, die cast chrome tuners and a Rosewood fingerboard. Whether you’re discovering that singer-songwriter inside you or learning guitar for the first time, this Fender Squier acoustic guitar package gets you off to a very quick start.

The guitar pack includes: Squier acoustic guitar, gig bag, pitch pipe, instruction book, pick assortment.


Guitar Pack – New Ibanez IJX40

This Ibanez electric guitar pack is a great way to begin guitar. This guitar package has everything you need: axe, amp,Ibanez IJX40 Guitar Pack electronic tuner, instructional DVD, gig bag and more.

And even though you get the Ibanez Jumpstart Package at a really low price, it’s giant steps ahead of the generic value packs. Jumpstart is name brand, good stuff. You can still use it when you get really good.


Edirol R09 Wav Recorder

The R09 is perfect for capturing live music events, recitals, and rehearsals. It’s also handy as a songwriter’s sketchpad, ensuring that no moment of inspiration is lost. But the R 09 has many valuable uses outside of the music world as well. Students can use it to record lectures. Broadcasters and journalists can throw away their antiquated cassette recorders and use the R-09 for in-the-field interviews. Wherever, whenever there’s a need to capture audio, the R-09 can do it hassle-free thanks to its built-in microphone and long battery operation.

Edirol R09The Edirol R09 is a serious, top-quality professional recorder; it’s ultra small and looks like a gadget, but make no mistake, it performs. The R 09 can capture source material at a crystal-clear 24-bit resolution with your choice of 44.1 or 48kHz sample rates. You can record and play back in MP3 format too (up to 320kbps). Once recorded, your files can be monitored through the R-09’s headphone jack and/or exported to a computer via USB.

Microphone Included
To record audio into the R09, there’s no extra gear to buy or no cables to connect. A quality stereo microphone is built right into the unit, complete with a dedicated input control, mono/stereo selector, low-cut filter, and gain boost. Just point and record! If you wish to use an external microphone, the R09 offers a 1/4″ mic input.