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Roland RD700SX Digital Piano

The Roland RD 700SX is equipped with the most authentic and expressive multisampled grand sounds to ever adorn a Roland digital piano. The RD700SX represents the pinnacle of digital piano design and performance. It carries on the tradition of previous Roland digital pianos like the RD 300 and RD 150 of years past.


Driven by Roland’s most powerful sound engine, the RD-700SX enables the ultimate in sound and performance with two world-class grand piano waveforms at its core. It features 128-voice polyphonic performance, a Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, and an expanded sound set (which includes brilliant electric pianos, authentic virtual tonewheel organs, and more). The Roland RD-700SX is an unrivaled new breed of Roland digital piano.

Cubase SE Extra Value

This “Extra Value” version of Cubase SE , includes Cubase SE plus the Steinberg Virtual Instrument Collection. Same advanced user interface and functionality as Cubase SL/SX, with 5 professional quality powerful virtual instruments at one attractive low price.

Cubase SE Extra ValueThe Steinberg Virtual Instruments Collection combines the Groove Agent SE virtual drummer, The Grand SE piano module, D’cota SE analog modeling/FM synthesizer, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE and the acclaimed HALion SE virtual sampler. A special “Composer Set” library and a total of more than 700MB of pristine samples and sounds are included as well. All instruments are compatible with any VSTi Instrument host and can be used on both PC (Windows 2000/XP) and Macintosh (OSX) computers.

Cubase SE features a 48 audio tracks, an unlimited number of MIDI tracks, sequencing and hard disk recording features as well as professional 24-bit/96kHz resolution. Cubase SE also offers a wealth of audio and MIDI recording features with comprehensive editing and effects. And with Cubase SE you’re using a system that you can upgrade whenever you choose to the higher Cubase SX/SL versions that are used by professional audio and music professionals worldwide.

Yamaha N100 Nocturne Grand Piano

The Yamaha N100 Nocturne Grand combines modern and elegant design with traditional piano-styling. It is a new standard of style and sound. The Graded Hammer Effect (GH) keyboard on the N100 offers an authentic playing experience.

The N100 wraps high-quality touch and tone into a package that features breakthrough design. The N100 boasts 88 Graded Hammer Effect, weighted-action keys; 64 notes ofYamaha_N100.jpg polyphony; 10 of Yamaha’s best keyboard voices (including Grand Piano, Electronic Piano, Pipe Organ, and Strings); and 50 built-in songs of standard piano repertoire that can play continuously. It also includes a spacious digital reverb that adds depth to its deceptively slim appearance and dual voice mode for the richer sound of two sounds playing together.

The distinctive design of the N 100 falls into a unique category. It must be seen to be fully appreciated. With speakers conveniently tucked into the rear cabinet and pedal frame, the Yamaha Nocturne Grand N100 has a slim look top-to-bottom, despite its considerable depth. The result is a compact footprint that echoes the shape of a streamlined square-grand piano with an attractive black finish, slow-close fallboard, and tasteful, soft-glowing, blue-lit control surface.

Yamaha Motif ES8 Synth

Central to the Yamaha Motif ES8 specification is a new chip that delivers 128-note polyphony, takes a quantum leap up in terms of wave ROM (175 MB) including the 3-layer grand piano everyone’s been asking for and a whole heap of new orchestral instrument samples, and offers instant access to more than 1000 Voices including some truly stunning, multi-sampled ‘Mega Voice’ guitars and basses.

Yamaha Motif ES8

The Yamaha Motif ES8 also includes the ‘Phrase Factory’ complete with multiple arpeggio capability with chord recognition that can tap into a library of some 1700 individual Arps, along with the wickedly expansive Loop Remix feature from the RS7000. In Mix Mode itself, you’re going to love having 8 insert effects, plus 16 part 3 band EQ and master effects.

Add a ribbon controller, handy DIMM memory, and even handier USB connectivity, plus a substantially enhanced relationship with computers (24/96 mLAN option, Remote now also supports Mackie Control, and Performer, plus there’s a Multi Part editor to streamline your mixes), and this is a real wish list come true.