Yamaha N100 Nocturne Grand Piano

The Yamaha N100 Nocturne Grand combines modern and elegant design with traditional piano-styling. It is a new standard of style and sound. The Graded Hammer Effect (GH) keyboard on the N100 offers an authentic playing experience.

The N100 wraps high-quality touch and tone into a package that features breakthrough design. The N100 boasts 88 Graded Hammer Effect, weighted-action keys; 64 notes ofYamaha_N100.jpg polyphony; 10 of Yamaha’s best keyboard voices (including Grand Piano, Electronic Piano, Pipe Organ, and Strings); and 50 built-in songs of standard piano repertoire that can play continuously. It also includes a spacious digital reverb that adds depth to its deceptively slim appearance and dual voice mode for the richer sound of two sounds playing together.

The distinctive design of the N 100 falls into a unique category. It must be seen to be fully appreciated. With speakers conveniently tucked into the rear cabinet and pedal frame, the Yamaha Nocturne Grand N100 has a slim look top-to-bottom, despite its considerable depth. The result is a compact footprint that echoes the shape of a streamlined square-grand piano with an attractive black finish, slow-close fallboard, and tasteful, soft-glowing, blue-lit control surface.

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