Portable Sound System

You shouldn’t judge the new generation of portable sound systems by their size, because they deliver much more sound than some larger sound systems. Has the perfect portable PA system been invented? Probably not, but the PA systems we offer can go a long way in reaching that goal. The Yamaha StagePas 300 is a good example.

Yamaha_StagePass-2.jpgThe Yamaha StagePass 300 portable sound system is exceptionally compact and portable. It’s the perfect road companion, providing powerful, reliable, convenient sound reinforcement for a wide variety of applications. Great sound has never been so portable and easy to use.

Bob Kovacs, of Pro Audio Review, in a review of the StagePas 300 said, “I’ve tried a few and even pieced together systems on my own, but there is always something lacking. However, the Yamaha STAGEPAS 300 is nearly perfect for this application, so close that I could probably live with its few limitations.” How’s that for praise?

“The Yamaha STAGEPAS 300 is a cool system. It’s solid enough to withstand a lot of abuse, powerful enough to fill the typical bar or small church, simple enough to use with two-minutes’ practice and flexible enough to handle both speech and performance applications”, continues Kovacs.

The Peavey Messenger is another innovation in the area of portable PA systems. It is a complete portable sound system mess.jpgdesigned with the compact size and carry-on convenience of a briefcase. At 24″ wide, the Messenger is portable enough for business travelers, and is completely self contained and sets up in seconds.

Peavey designed the Messenger with a unique Split-Track Mix section so you can line-in AV accompaniment for any application. With its independent master volume, this feature is especially useful for inserting pre-recorded music from a laptop, CD player, or a portable MP3 player. It will enhance both office-type applications and solo music performances. The Peavey Messenger is a portable sound system in the truest since of the word – small, light and functional.

There are at least two other portable sound systems to consider, the Peavey Escort and the Peavey Solo. We’ll take a look at those in a future article. For more information on Portable PA products, please visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com.

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