Edirol R09 Firmware Update

Roland has announced a new firmware update (v1.10) for the Edirol R09 stereo field recorder.

The new firmware update allows the R-09 to support the new SDHC standard for SD memory cards. Previously, the R09 was limited to a maximum SD card capacity of 2 gigabytes using standard SD memory cards. As of November 17, 2006 the R09 is now fully compatible with SDHC memory cards that offer sizes over the 2 GB limit and increased data transfer speeds. Tested and approved, the new Panasonic RP-SDR04-GJ1K 4GB media is fully compatible with the R-09.

As more SDHC-compliant memory cards become available to the market, the R-09 will be able to use and access the higher capacity memory that these SDHC memory cards offer. Of course, standard SD cards remain compatible with the R-09 according to the SDHC specifications.

Other enhancements in the v1.10 firmware update include superior data transfer speeds across the USB 2.0 connections, a longer power switch cut-off-time, cycling of the alphanumeric characters when naming files or folders, and improvements to the internal time-stamping feature when using the MOVE and COPY operations respectively.

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