Sound Mixing – New Mackie VLZ3 Audio Mixers

Winter NAMM 2007 – Mackie has just announced an upgrade to their popular line of professional audio mixers, the VLZ3 series. The new models include: 1642-VLZ3, 1604-VLZ3, 1402-VLZ3, AND 1202-VLZ3.

With the same features and functionality of their predecessors, the re-engineered Mackie sound mixers have even greater headroom than the original VLZ mixer boards, and also have a redesigned Mix Bus made significant enhancements to the EQs, giving these new audio mixers a more intuitive and musical feel.

Whether you need a sound mixing board for a church, club work, or a full-featured workhorse for home and studio recording, you owe it to yourself to check out the new Mackie pro audio mixers. For additional information on Mackie pro audio products, visit

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