Ibanez 20th Anniversary RG550 Guitars

Back in the 80’s when metal was king, the Ibanez RG550 guitar changed everything for Ibanez and metal players everywhere. If you missed out on the original 1987 models, you’ve got a second chance with the 20th Anniversary RG550XX electric guitar models. They have all the original RG550 glory, with the original Edge tremolo, original 1987 neck dimensions, and even the exact formulations of the original Ibanez RG finishes!

The 20th Anniversary RG550 has drop dead good looks, sonic lethality and the devastating power and control of a precision double-locking trem. Ibanez RG Prestige guitars feature flawless Japanese craftsmanship, the finest materials and each is axe perfectly matched with just the right choice of DiMarzio®, Duncan®, EMG®, or IBZ™ pickups. Three finishes are available: Black, Road Flare Red, and Desert Sun Yellow.

For more information on Ibanez guitars, visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com, or call 251-633-8944.

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