Portable Sound – Yamaha EMX Mixers

Yamaha EMX powered mixers come from a long legacy of powered mixers dating back to 1975. The first three Yamaha mixers to enter the portable sound market were the EM150, EM100, and the EM80. They were stereo mixers with reverb, and their power was 150 watts, 100 watts and 80 watts respectively. Because of their quality build and affordable price, they were big sellers to people building PA systems on a budget. In fact, we still see one occasionally in our shop for maintenance. Over thirty years old and still going – that’s amazing!

The new Yamaha EMX powered mixers carry on the tradition that began in 1975, except with updated features, circuitry, and lower weight. The Yamaha EMX312SC powered mixer features dual 300 watt power amps and the added advantage of one-knob compression on mono channels. The EMX312SC mixer is built to the same standards of sonic performance and rugged reliability that make Yamaha the first Pro Audio And Recordingchoice for live sound applications. The EMX powered mixers are lightweight, only 22lbs. and feature conveniently located handles for maximum carrying comfort. They’re also built tough to withstand the rigors of use on the road

The Yamaha EMX212S is the most affordable model in the EMX powered mixer series. It offers a pair of 200-watt amplifiers per channel that should be more than sufficient for small-to-medium size venues. The EMX212S has the same features as the EMX312SC, except it has less powerful amplifiers and no built-in compressors.

The Yamaha EMX512SC powered mixer is the most powerful of the EMX box mixers, and features a pair of 500-watt amplifiers to ensure that your music or message comes across with full impact, even in large venues. The EMX512SC offers a total of 12 input channels – four for monaural microphone or line input, plus four pairs that can function either as monaural microphone inputs or stereo line inputs – providing you with a versatile mix of input capabilities for a wide range of applications. If you need only microphone inputs you can use up to eight mic channels.

Sound systems large and small can be created using the Yamaha EMX powered mixers. These audio mixers have earned their excellent reputation and will remain the choice of musicians, both professional and amateur, wanting to build a quality sound system on a limited budget.

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