Yamaha Guitars

For more than twenty years, Yamaha has been making electric acoustic guitars, dedicated to creating natural, rich tone captured through innovative pickup and preamp combinations.

Now Yamaha has revisited pickup technology again to achieve another milestone in the path to perfection. Their unique A.R.T (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) system uses purpose-specific multi-layer contact pickups and powerful new preamps to produce clear, natural amplified sounds.

The small-bodied, performance-focused APX, and the fuller-bodied CPX guitars fitted with A.R.T systems provide exceptionally organic amplified tone – closer than ever before to the natural acoustic sound of the guitar.

With a solid spruce top, the Yamaha APX700 projects a warm, mature tone with rich, ringing sustain both acoustically and amplified. The small body and slim neck ensure that, like all Yamaha APX guitars, the performance experience is perfect.

The 1-way A.R.T pickup system in combination with the System 56 preamp delivers a clear, controllable sound thanks to its ultra-musical EQ and adjustable mid frequency control for precise tone shaping.

The Yamaha APX500 electric acoustic guitar is steeped in the family tradition of superb playability, stunning looks and strong amplified tone. With a spruce top and nato back and sides, the APX 500 is the ideal guitar for those looking for a solid, reliable performance electro-acoustic.

A simple, effective 1-way under-saddle pickup system provides the tone, complemented by the System 55TA preamp with 3-band EQ and built-in tuner.

To produce its warm tone and even bass response, the Yamaha CPX700 acoustic electric guitar features a unique body size, slightly smaller than a full-size jumbo, for the perfect combination of sound, looks and comfort. The guitar features a solid spruce top and nato back and sides and produces a bright, richly textured sound – one that, thanks to the solid spruce top, will mature with age.

The 1-way pickup is matched to the System 56 preamp, featuring our ultra-musical 3-band EQ and adjustable mid frequency control for powerful, versatile tone-shaping. Like all the other CPX and APX guitars, an integrated tuner is always available.

At the top of the APX range, the Yamaha APX900 is equipped with the new 3-way A.R.T. pickup system, the result of years of experience in electro-acoustic design and the key to the most natural electro-acoustic sound imaginable. With a high-grade flamed maple back and sides and a solid spruce top, it delivers a bright, mature tone, with a punchy projection and powerful sustain.

The Yamaha unique 3-way pickup system is coupled with the System 57 preamp that allows independent control over the main, bass and treble pickups and features our performance tuned 3-band EQ and on-board chromatic tuner.

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