Yamaha PSRS900 Electronic Keyboard

The Yamaha PSRS900 electronic keyboard has 891 instrumental voices and offers you a huge sonic palette. Most of these voices come from Yamaha’s high end portable keyboards – including 20 Live Voices, 26 Cool Voices, 22 Sweet Voices as well as 15 Mega Voices and even 23 Super Articulation Voices included.

Connect a microphone and automatically have backing singers mixed with your voice – that’s the PSR-S900’s Vocal Harmony Feature. A powerful Bass-Reflex-speaker system and 2 x 12 watts amplification guarantees outstanding realism of sound, whilst the integrated Network-connector (LAN-Port) ensures ease of use with Yamaha’s unique Internet Direct Connection (IDC) feature. The USB to device connection opens the possibility to connect USB storage devices such as thumb drives to the instrument, giving you virtually unlimited memory capacity for user registrations, styles and songs. The USB connection also allows you to make your own CD-quality recordings at home with a minimum of fuss, utilizing the new USB Audio Recorder.

The Super Articulation voices on the Yamaha PSRS900 open a completely new level of sonic realism and expressiveness. You’ll feel as if you’re playing the real thing! Super Articulation Voices give you the unique performance characteristics of each instrument and are perfect for playing solo passages and legato melodies, intelligently adding the right expressive nuances to your performance as you play. The expanded range of Mega! Voices feature various playing techniques and performance sounds – such as finger slides and fret noise on Guitar Voices and shakes on Trumpet voices – designed specifically to enhance playback of the 305 built-in Styles.

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