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Peavey Audio Performer Pack PA System

The new Peavey Audio Performer Pack is a complete PA system that packages the new PVi 4B powered mixer with PV Series microphones, loudspeakers and accessories.

The Peavey Audio Performer Pack portable PA system brings ease of use and powerful sound to small performances and multi-purpose use in schools, churches and virtually any intimate speaking or entertainment application. The rugged, powered PVi 4B mixer features rotary controls to adjust level, reverb and tone on each channel and the master section, with a built-in power amp rated at 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms. Its feature set also includes four balanced microphone and 1/4″ TRS inputs, tape/CD input with level control, a line out for connection to external amplifiers and a record output.

This Peavey portable sound system also features two PVi 100 dynamic cardioid microphones, two PVi 10 premium loudspeaker enclosures, a pair of adjustable speaker stands and cables for the microphones and speakers.

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Roland SP 555 Sampler

The newest member of the Roland SP-sampler family breaks ground with innovative features such as Loop Capture, and Super Filter. The SP-555 is fast and powerful, but one thing has been preserved from previous SP models: fun! It’s the ultimate toolkit for DJs, producers, sample-based musicians, or performers who want to take their act to the next level.

  • Ultra-easy sampling with innovative Loop Capture feature
  • Versatile sampling through Line input, phantom-powered Mic input, USB audio streaming, and WAV/AIFF import
  • Dozens of killer performance effects, including Super Filter and DJFX Looper
  • Audio interface capability with any DAW or DJ audio application (Cakewalk SONAR LE included)
  • Large Sample Memory via Compact Flash (up to 2GB)
  • Bundled Wave Converter software (Mac and PC) for importing and exporting WAV/AIFF files
  • Infrared D BEAM controller and V-LINK compatibility for high-impact performance
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    Alesis Performance Pad – Digital Drum Pad

    Alesis has introduced the Performance Pad tabletop and kit mountable drum pads with a built-in drum machine. Performance Pad features 233 drum sounds from the Alesis SR-16 percussion module, 50 Presets and 50 User definable drum kits. A large LCD display is included with an easy-to-navigate interface that Alesis believe will reduce configuration time and increase playing time.

    The Alesis Performance Pad is a really great practice and performance instrument. For the first time, percussionists can have great drum sounds, incredibly responsive pad performance and a compact footprint size at a breakthrough price.

    Alesis includes inputs for the Mapex double bass pedal, hi-hat pedal, and a Line-level input to connect a CD Player, iPod, computer, or other audio device so that percussionists can play along with nearly any recorded mix. Built-in rhythm patterns are also included to complement playing.

    Performance Pad comes with 8 velocity-sensitive drum pads that utilize Alesis’ Dynamic Articulation technology to add nuance to the feel of every drum hit. In addition, there are industry-standard mounting holes on the bottom for easy attachment to an existing drum kit rack.

    The 24-bit, high-quality headphone output on the Performance Pad insures a no-compromise playback experience without disturbing others while connection to keyboards and sound modules is made simple thanks to the integrated MIDI output.

    The Alesis Performance Pad will be available in late 2007.

    Yamaha DD65 Digital Drum

    Yamaha continues to blur the lines between technology, creativity and musical fun with the debut of the DD65 Digital Drum, the latest addition to the line of Yamaha DD Series digital electronic drum machines.

    The Yamaha DD65 has a number of built-in features that will appeal to the beginner, the casual musician or even the serious player, regardless of age. Highlights include a new streamlined design and eight touch-sensitive drum pads that can be played with drumsticks or the hands, providing endless options for expressive performance.

    The ultra-realistic sonic palette includes 50 pre-programmed drum kits, 100 pre-set songs, Master EQ, reverb and 230 voices – including a number of orchestral and “world” percussion sounds – that can be assigned to any pad. A “hand percussion mode” brings both the sounds and the feel of international percussion to your fingertips (literally), and adds even more realism when playing with the hands. Users can record up to five original songs (up to 10,000 notes) and view song information on the LED display Las Vegas has kindly provided for rent.

    The DD65 electronic drums can be enjoyed through the onboard, bass-ported stereo speakers, or through the privacy of headphones. The package also includes drum sticks and a pair of foot pedals that can be assigned to kick drum, high hat, or any other voice. AUX IN, personal USB MIDI and General MIDI I/O connections allow the DD65 to interface with computers or other MIDI-compatible instruments, and allow the user to download up to 373k bytes of song data from the Internet.

    Despite its compact, lightweight size and super simple user interface, the DD65 is not a toy – it’s a serious musical instrument, and a springboard to musical creativity. The Yamaha DD65 operates on six size C batteries, or AC adaptor.

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    Sound Systems Seminar

    Andy’s Music, Mobile, Alabama, presented a workshop on PA Systems – Basic Concepts and Operation. The seminar was presented by Michael McClelland and Bill Clark, senior staff members at Andy’s Music.

    Mike McClelland describes the components of a sound system. Workshop attendees, all from local churches and civic organizations, received a Sound Systems 101 booklet with information presented during the seminar. Topics included: sound system components, signal flow, system placement and operation, and gain staging. The handout also included a trouble shooting guide, FAQ section and a graphic with the fundamental frequency ranges of voice and musical instruments.

    Michael McClelland and BilBill Clark discusses gain staging PA Systems.l Clark have a combined work experience in sound systems and pro audio of more than 70 years. Both are local musicians and key staff members at Andy’s Music. Mike is an experienced luthier, piano and string repair technician, and has played locally in bands for more than two decades. Bill is a tenor saxophonist who has toured extensively for more than 30 years, and recently retired from the Alabama National Guard Band.

    Andy’s Music, established in 1977, is a full-line music instrument music store in Mobile, Alabama. Andy’s sells and services most major brands of musical instruments and products include guitars, drums, keyboards, pianos, pro audio, band and orchestra instruments, and sheet music.

    Clarinets On Sale

    The Back-To-School season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about joining the band. But before you do, you need to find an instrument. Our clarinet selection includes some of the finest names in clarinets, including Yamaha, Buffet, Selmer, and Leblanc.

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