The Digital Piano – Yamaha, Casio and Roland

The digital piano is a very popular musical instrument; it has its proponents and opponents. On the plus side, it’s very affordable, doesn’t weigh much – compared to an acoustic piano – and it has a good sound and weighted (on most models) keys; some models can connect to a computer. On the con side, the only real argument is that it doesn’t sound EXACTLY like a real piano, and that is true; it doesn’t have a soundboard to amplify the sound into a room, or a large resonant cabinet to aid in that amplification, or all the other parts of an acoustic piano that enhance its acoustic abilities. But overall, the good far out ways the (not so) bad.

The Clavinova digital pianos by Yamaha are some of the best sounding instruments available; they start in price below $2000 and go beyond $10,000! One of our popular models is the CLP230, which is similar to the Yamaha YDP223 digital piano. Both feature a very good weighted action and sound quality, attractive cabinet – would look good in a home, church or business – and can be purchased for under $2000.00. Other popular models include the Yamaha N100, YDP213, YDP323, and the recently introduced YDP-S30.

The digital pianos intended for professional use – on the road every night or in recording studios – are somewhat different. They have professional features, but not a fancy cabinet – it would not stand up to road use.  Popular models include both Yamaha and Roland keyboards -the Yamaha CP300 and CP33, and the Roland RD 700SX, FP7, and FP4 digital pianos.

On the very affordable side are the PX310 and PX110 Casio digital pianos. They also feature a weighted, 88-key action, good sound quality, and are priced at $599.99 and $499.99 respectively. They have been the price and performance leader in this category for a while now, and nothing should change until someone comes out with a “new and improved” version. We’ll just have to wait and see.

This article would not be complete without mention of the Yamaha P70 digital piano, which is available in black (P70) and silver (P70S), and priced at $599.99.  Both models feature an 88-key Graded Hammer Standard keyboard, AWM stereo sampling and 32 note polyphony. The Yamaha P70 series is very popular, and like the Casio mentioned above, is both affordable and practical.

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