Yamaha Arius Digital Pianos

Yamaha ‘s best selling console digital pianos – the YDP series – now have a name customers can ask for instead of only a number. ARIUS is the newest name in digital pianos and is sure to stand for the quality and piano-realism Yamaha has come be known for.

A combination of “Aureus” (Latin for “golden”) and “Aria”, ARIUS can be taken literally to mean “golden song” and there are two new models that are sure to live up to their moniker.

The Yamaha ARIUS YDP140 and ARIUS YDP160 have improved upon the YDP213 and YDP323 in tone, touch, and cabinetry. New piano Voices featuring 3-layer Dynamic Stereo Samples deliver true acoustic piano tone, while their Half-Damper Effect sustain pedals fluidly measure foot position for varying levels of sustain just like an acoustic piano.

The new dark alder YDP140 and dark rosewood YDP160 top-to bottom cabinetry replaces the walnut finish and Plexiglas music rests of the previous models for a more traditional console appearance.

All Yamaha ARIUS Home Digital Pianos include:

  • 3-layer Dynamic Stereo Piano Samples
  • 64 note polyphony
  • User song record
  • Adjustable touch response
  • 50 Greats for the Piano music book

The ARIUS YDP160 digital piano will be available in May 2008, and the ARIUS YDP140 will ship in April. For more information on Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards, visit the music instrument music store at www.AndysMusicOnline.com.

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