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Keyboard Amps From Yamaha

From the company known for market leading electronic keyboards comes a new generation of keyboard amplifiers that redefines the category – STAGEPAS 150M and 250M.

How are they different from what’s been available? In almost every way they’re much lighter and more compact. They also provide a unique form factor and feature set optimized for keyboardists. Most importantly, they deliver the ultimate in sound quality. But that’s not all, you can even use the Stagepas 150M and 250M as mono PA systems!

So, no matter what your favorite brand of keyboard is, Yamaha has the solution for making it sound its best. For more information on Yamaha and other keyboard amps, visit the music instrument music store at

Buffet R13 Professional Wood Clarinet

The Buffet R13 clarinet was developed in 1955 under the guidance of Robert Carrée, and it quickly became the legendary choice of professional musicians. Musicians are charmed by its rich and focused sound, its power in all registers and its flexibility. The R13 Professional clarinet is suitable for all types of musicians, symphony or chamber music, soloists, teachers, those in marching bands, students and amateurs.

Throughout its long lifetime BUFFET CRAMPON has developed the most complete range of clarinets and saxophones, while always taking musicians’, conductors’ and composers’ requirements into consideration. Click here for more information about Buffet band instruments.