Tascam DP-004

Today, recording is more affordable than ever, but the creative connection with the artist is sometimes lost in the windows, menus and complex interfaces of modern recording software. The new TASCAM DP-004 recaptures the immediacy Tascam cassette models, only updated with CD-quality digital recording. The compact multitrack recorder is covered with knobs and controls, making recording and mixing simple and fun. 

The new Tascam DP-004 Portable Digital Pocketstudio recorder makes recording simple and fun again. The DP004 is based on Tascam’s groundbreaking cassette Portastudios, and retains their creative interface while updating the sound quality with CD-quality digital recording. Smaller than a paperback book, it’s portable enough to take anywhere, and built-in microphones make it perfect for capturing song ideas and rehearsals. But despite its compact design, the DP-004 retains the famously-simple TASCAM Portastudio interface – so you can concentrate on making music. 

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