Vinny Valentino Guitar Clinic


Jazz guitarist and Yamaha guitar clinician Vinny Valentino presented a well attended seminar on Wednesday evening December 10, at Andy’s Music.  Both professional and amatuer guitarist were in attendance, as well as young students with their teachers and parents.

Vinny performed many jazz favorites, and answered questions during his performance. He performed on various Yamaha guitars during the presentation, starting with the FGX720SC, which is a solid top dreadnought acoustic electric guitar with the System 55 preamp. He  also played the APX700, CPX900, and the LLX6 from the handcrafted series.

All in attendance where impressed with Vinny’s playing, as well as his ability to communicate with his audience. If you’re ever presented with the chance to hear Vinny Valentino play, don’t miss it. You’ll be well rewarded – we were!

Additional information about Yamaha guitars is available at, or call Andy’s Music, 251-633-8944.

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