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Kjos Piano Teachers Workshop

July 28, 2009 – Today Andy’s Music, Mobile, Alabama, hosted a piano teachers workshop sponsored by Kjos Music Press; the workshop was given by Charlene Zundel. At the workshop, Ms. Zundel demonstrated how to use TCW’s Theory Books, Games, and Achievement Programs for introducing and reinforcing important theory concepts.

Charlene Zundel

Charlene Zundel

She demonstrated unique teaching techniques that work with students of all ages and in any variety of settings – private studio, group, and classroom. Throughout the workshop, Ms. Zundel explored ideas and methods of how to teach piano theory in a whole new way.

Charlene Zundel, one of the Three Cranky Women, is a former faculty member of the Utah State University Youth Conservatory and adjunct faculty member at Utah State University where she taught individual piano lessons and group music theory classes for 14 years. She is an active member of local, state, and national MTNA chapters, and has maintained a large private piano teaching studio for over 20 years.

New Alesis DM10 Pro Electronic Drum Set

Alesis DM10

Alesis DM10

The Alesis DM10 Pro Electronic Drum Kit is the product of extensive research and development efforts. Based around the completely new DM10 sound module, the DM10 Pro Kit features Alesis’ RealHead drum pads, SURGE Cymbals made of real cymbal alloy and an ErgoRack mounting system.

The new drum-sound module enables players to load new sound sets via USB connection from their computer. Alesis has established a partnership with FXpansion, to develop custom sound sets for the new DM10 Pro Kit.

Drummers will immediately notice the DM10 module’s outstanding sound quality. This new drum sound module contains true drum, cymbal and percussion sounds built from real samples of classic studio drums and prized cymbals. Drummers will find some of the most in-demand acoustic drum sounds from legendary drum brands, a huge arsenal of top producers’ go-to snare drums, real American, Canadian, Chinese, and Turkish cymbals, and electronic beat-machine sounds that have fueled the biggest hit records.

For additional information on Alesis products, visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.

Free Guitar and Bass Restring

Mike Summers of MusiCorp completes a restring for Jason Abraham

Mike Summers of MusiCorp completes a restring for Jason Abraham

Andy’s Music, Mobile, Alabama, hosted a free guitar and bass restringing session on Saturday, July 11. With the donation of a canned good to benefit the Penelope House, customers received a free restring and setup of their guitar. Both acoustic and electric guitars, as well as basses were restrung during this event.

The event was very successful, with more than 36 guitars restrung and two large boxes filled with food. Penelope House is a non-profit organization established in 1979 by the Daughters of Penelope to help victims of domestic violence regain social and economic independence. The Family Violence Center is the only shelter for battered women and children in Mobile, Alabama, although services currently span across Mobile and Washington counties in Alabama.

This free guitar restring was sponsored by MusiCorp and Dean Markley strings. We are grateful for their donations and participation, especially to Mike Summers who setup and participated in this event.

Yamaha Guitars – # 1 In U.S. Sales

Yamaha Guitars is ringing in its 40th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, Yamaha received a very nice present. According to MI Sales Trak, Yamaha Guitars moved past U.S. competitors Martin and Taylor to take the top sales spot in the U.S.

Yamaha has led the field in the number of acoustic guitar units sold for some time, but just one year ago, Yamaha ranked fourth behind Martin, Taylor, and Ibanez in dollar volume, according to Dennis Webster, marketing manager for Yamaha Guitars. Not anymore.

“The easy part is over,” Webster, said, “we want to celebrate our 40 years in the U.S., but now comes the tough work of staying competitive in the future.”

The Yamaha FG series is one of the best selling acoustic guitars, according to Webster, a feat that is not lost on Yamaha’s guitar marketing team. For its 40th anniversary, Yamaha has commissioned a limited-edition FG to celebrate, and only 40 guitars were made. Each will include a plaque on the back of the headstock and be individually numbered.

For information on Yamaha guitars and other musical instruments, visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.

(Reprinted from Music Inc. Magazine, July 2009).

Roland Juno Di Synthesizer

Roland Juno Di Synthesizer

Onstage or in the streets, the JUNO-Di  Roland keyboard is a traveling musician’s dream. It’s lightweight, it can run on batteries, and it’s easy to use, yet it performs and sounds like a heavyweight synth. It’s packed with a wide variety of top-quality sounds — over 1,000 to choose from! It has a friendly “direct access” control panel for easy editing and a Song Player for larger-than-life performances. First-timers and pros alike will love this friendly, portable, great-sounding synth.

  • Professional synthesizer with over 1,000 instruments onboard
  • Friendly, intuitive user interface
  • Battery operation for mobile use (supports Ni-MH AA-size rechargeable batteries)
  • MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF playback capability via optional USB memory — perfect for backing tracks when performing live
  • Microphone input with dedicated reverb and vocoder effects for sing-along
  • PC/Mac Editor software included