Casio PX-3 Privia Digital Piano

Casio PX3 Digital Piano

Casio PX3 Digital Piano

The new Casio PX-3 digital piano is a professional stage piano with all the sounds and functions for playing live in a band. The PX3 piano is packed with functions that set it apart from standard models. With a slim body like every Casio Privia piano, the newly developed PX3 has powerful master control functions that enable control over four zones, each of which can simultaneously control internal tones and external MIDI instruments.

The internal tone banks offer a wealth of various instrument sounds, including highly realistic pianos and electric pianos that are often used in live performances.

  • Compact and lightweight (only 24 lbs) for conveniently carrying to the stage or studio.
  • Features a complete range of instrument sounds required from a stage piano, including 16 piano sounds, 20 electric piano sounds, 18 organ sounds, 8 clavinet and vibraphone sounds, and 20 string and ensemble pads.
  • Internal tones can be edited using the synthesizer function, which includes attack and release time, filtering, and vibrato.
  • Applying the keyboard split and layer functions allows control of four zones of sounds simultaneously, assignable to four different internal tones as well as external MIDI instruments via four designated MIDI channels.
  • 64 types of DSP effects, including phaser, flanger, wah, tremolo, rotary simulation, and distortion, can be applied to two tones simultaneously.
  • Four-band equalizer allows sound to be freely adjusted according to one’s taste across four frequency ranges.
  • Registration function enables user to save settings for tones, MIDI, DSP, etc., for immediate call up when performing.
  • In Card Player mode, MIDI files (in SMF type 0 or 1 and other formats) can be played back during a performance.
  • The pitch bend wheel smoothly changes note pitch to reproduce note-bending on guitar and other performance techniques.
  • Two assignable buttons can be set to select modulation, and the speed of the rotary effect, change the portamento, etc.
  • Convenient SD memory card slot allows registration and playback of MIDI files.
  • Fitted with various connection ports including line-in and line-out, MIDI in and out, and a USB terminal.
  • The Casio PX-3 digital piano offers great value at an affordable price and will be available this summer.

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