Peavey IPR1600 Power Amp – Top Seller

Peavey IPR1600

Peavey IPR1600 Power Amplifier

The Peavey IPR1600 stereo power amplifier has been one of our best sellers this year, and it’s easy to understand why – low price, low weight, good sound! With that combination of attributes, almost anything would sell.

If you’ve ever lugged around heavy amplifiers, you’ll appreciate the lightness of the IPR1600, a lightweight 7 pounds! For a 1000 watt amplifier, that’s amazing. No more sore arms, and shoulders.

The IPR1600 also has 2 channel independent fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, a variable-speed fan housed in a lightweight aluminum chassis, patented DDT speaker protection, and the revolutionary new IPR class D topology.

Shaking up the pro audio industry with innovative power amplifier designs has become a Peavey trademark. More than 30 years ago, Peavey was the first to break the $1-per-watt barrier. Now with the Peavey IPR Series, they’ve pushed technological limits again to bring you an amazingly powerful and efficient power amp for just pennies per watt.

The next time you need a power amp, be certain to check out the Peavey IPR series. You’ll save money and get great results.

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