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New Yamaha THR Guitar Amplifiers

Yamaha just announced the new THR10 and THR5 concept guitar amplifiers with speakers. In the typical Yamaha fashion, these new guitar amplifiers are based on extension research and development, and feature modern design, functions, and sound.

To develop these new concept amps, Yamaha conducted extensive research on what appeals to guitarists, their perspective, and the environments where they like to play. Based on these findings, Yamaha created the THR Series to offer the optimal designs, functions, and sound quality.

Because the THR has a small footprint and classy design, you can take it anywhere – bedroom, backstage, and even to the beach or park. Obviously it runs on batteries, in addition to AC. The THR guitar amps feature genuine tube amp sound, industry-leading high-quality stereo output, battery-operated option, on-board chromatic tuner and eight no-brainer effects – all in one box. And if that’s not enough, it can be used as an audio interface for home-recording, using the included Cubase AI software.

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