Restring Benefit For St. Mary’s Home

St. Mary's Home

Mark your calendars and put aside your donations for the “Restring Thing” benefit for St. Mary’s Home on Saturday, September 29, at Andy’s Music.

Bring us food, usable clothing and school supplies for St. Mary’s Home, and you will receive for your charitable contribution, a FREE restring of your guitar – electric or acoustic – with D’Addario guitar strings. The first 25 people will also receive a pack of 10 Duralin picks from Planet Waves.

Founded in 1838, St. Mary’s Home serves as the first and oldest residential treatment facility for children in Alabama.  Founded as an orphanage, St. Mary’s Home continues to care for children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected by their families.

St. Mary’s Home has offered shelter and nurturing care to children who had and still have nowhere else to turn for help.  Like the original 3 orphans who moved into St. Mary’s Home on December 26, 1838, these children continue to rely on the kindness of others, not only to meet their daily needs but to provide them with the loving guidance to heal and to grow into productive members of our community.

With your help, St. Mary’s Home can provide a miracle in the form of a safe place for children to live that is free from abuse.

For complete information, please call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944 or visit

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