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New From Roland & BOSS

January 21, Winter NAMM – Roland and BOSS have just announced new products for this year’s Winter NAMM Show in Anahiem, CA. For now, let’s look a three: Cube Lite Guitar Amplifier, DA-2 Distortion Pedal, and the V-Combo VR-09 Live Performance Keyboard.

The new Roland CUBE Lite guitar amplifier lets you play and record at home along with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It combines COSM guitar tones, iOS interfacing, and a quality 2.1 Channel audio system. Simply put, its a cool guitar amp with a built-in iOS interface.

The CUBE Lite blends in seamlessly with any living space, home, dorm, whatever, and and looks more like a consumer audio system than a typical manly guitar amp. Also, it’s not only a versatile guitar amp, it doubles as a high-quality playback system for your digital music library.

The BOSS DA-2 guitar effects pedal features Multi-Dimensional Processing with multiple distortion processors to seamlessly adapt the sound in real time and create the ideal tone for every register. It’s not like standard distortion pedals that process the entire guitar signal with one effect. As a result, the DA-2 delivers a rich, musical distortion that plays well all over the neck, from tight, edgy low-string tones to fat, smooth highs for lead playing. With the power of MDP, the DA-2’s distortion is dramatically responsive to your playing dynamics, and every note is heard with clarity and definition.

The V-Combo VR-09 is loaded with ready-to-play synthesizer sounds, from vintage analog classics like JUNO strings and ‘80s synth brass to textured, modern-era digital tones and beyond. Front-panel controllers allow you to tweak the synth tones intuitively in real time, including convenient ADR and cutoff/resonance adjustment with the harmonic bars in the ORGAN block. Onboard effects like “Bit Crash” provide the ability to create modern synth voices for current dance music.


New Yamaha Portable Sound System

StagePas Portable Sound System

Yamaha StagePas 600i/400i

January 10, 2013 – Yamaha has just announced the new StagePas 600i and StagePas 400i all-in-one portable sound systems. Each audio system has two key components: powered mixer and two portable speakers.

The new Yamaha StagePas portable PA systems  have more power, features, and functionality than the previous models. The StagePas 600i features a 10-channel mixer with 680 watts of power, 3-band channel EQ, and 10″ speakers. The 400i has 400 watts, 8 channel mixer with 2-band channel EQ, and 8″ speakers.

These new Yamaha audio systems are very portable, easy to setup, and will work as a PA system for almost any occasion. Updated features include: iPod/iPhone connections for high quality playback of your music, and the system even charges your device during your performance; feedback suppressor intelligently removes feedback automatically with the push of a button; 1-knob Master EQ lets you match your sound to the surroundings; and finally, the legendary Yamaha SPX digital reverb for perfect vocals and acoustic instruments.

These new Yamaha portable sound systems are scheduled to ship from Yamaha in the latter part of this month. For additional information visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.