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Beautiful and Affordable Yamaha Built Grand

Cable Nelson CN151 Grand

Cable Nelson CN151 Grand

For those seeking a well made grand piano at an affordable price, we have the answer. The Yamaha designed and built Cable Nelson CN151.

Now, almost anyone can own a quality piano designed and built by Yamaha. The Cable-Nelson pianos are perfectly suited for home piano players who desire Yamaha quality at a more affordable price. They live up to the company’s worldwide reputation for outstanding service, exceptional value and reliable customer support.

This expressive instrument is designed by Yamaha master craftsmen, prepared by Yamaha engineers and built by Yamaha specialists—using world-renowned manufacturing processes. The piano includes top quality parts, premium woods, extruded aluminum alloy action rails, V-Pro plates and copper wound bass strings – all features found in Yamaha brand pianos.

Unlike most manufacturers, Yamaha takes a total approach to piano-making: it retains complete control over virtually every component at every stage of production—even to the point of building the manufacturing equipment. Rather than assembling pianos from parts produced by outside companies or contracting with third parties to build its pianos, Yamaha designs, tests, evaluates and manufactures all major components by itself.

Another key advantage to Yamaha is the extent of the company’s expertise in related technologies. With well-established credentials in fields such as metallurgy, chemistry and electronics—as well as more obvious areas like acoustics and woodworking—Yamaha leverages extensive internal resources to raise the standards of piano-making. The results of this inter-disciplinary approach are a steady stream of innovations and better musical instruments.

The Cable-Nelson line also offers an extensive 10-year warranty and the support of Yamaha Piano Service.

Give us a call, or better yet stop by and listen to this beautiful and affordable Yamaha built grand. It’s worth the trip.

Features of the Cable Nelson CN151:

• Advanced scale design

• Premium woods

• Laminated spruce soundboard

• Solid maple bridge and caps

• Solid copper wound bass strings

• Aluminum alloy action rails

• Yamaha balanced grand piano action

• Spruce keys with hardwood buttons

• Premium Yamaha hammers with T-fasteners

• Specially designed hammer shanks

• Reinforced keyframe pin with adjustable guide

• Hardwood reinforced keyframe

• Dove-tail joints

• Cut thread tuning pins

• Polyester finish

• Resin sheet foundation

• Solid brass casters

• Vacuum shield mold process (V-Pro) plate

• Seasoned for destination

• 10-year warranty backed by Yamaha

• Polished Ebony Finish