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StagePas Portable Sound System

Yamaha StagePas 600i/400i

Life Just Got Easier for Touring Bands, Motivational Speakers, and Church Leaders: Yamaha StagePas 600i / 400i PA Systems

One of the most important choices touring musicians can make is choosing a road-ready PA system. From solo acts to up-and-coming power trios, to motivational speakers and ministers, it’s a jungle out there when it comes to figuring out which system best meets your needs. Your fans or audience need to hear every note or word clearly and distinctly.

In this inaugural issue of Andy’s Music High Notes, we’ll be taking a close look at Yamaha’s StagePas 600i and 400i, both excellent PA choices. Each has a host of features to make your next gig or speaking engagement really shine.

First, Let’s Take a Look at the StagePas 600i 

The heart of Yamaha’s versatile StagePas 600i is a detachable 10-channel powered mixer with onboard phantom power, four XLR microphone inputs, and six mono (or three stereo) line inputs. Phantom power is a real plus in a portable PA system. This means can you plug in your favorite condenser microphones without adding a stand-alone mic pre-amp. Since space is always an issue on the road, that’s one less piece of gear to take to your gigs.

What can you do with those six mono or three stereo inputs? Guitars and basses have a single output jack, while keyboard instruments have stereo (or more) outputs. In a typical scenario, you could have two guitarists, a bass player, and a keyboardist, and still have two available line inputs. With four mic inputs, you can have two singers and two drum mics at your service. That’s quite impressive for a PA system of this size and portability.

StagePas 600i Sound Quality

What about sound quality? With 680 watts (a stereo pair of 340 watts each), there’s power and headroom to spare in most room-sized venues. No, you can’t use this system at arena concerts; by the time you get to that stage, you’ll have your own gangs of roadies and enough big amp stacks to play the next Woodstock. But in medium to semi-large rooms, the sound quality of the StagePas 600i is impressive. It’s a Yamaha, and that means quality.

Ultimate Portability

The Yamaha StagePas 600i is a tight package of powered mixer, two speakers, and cables that lock together into one easy-to-carry package. At 56 pounds, the 600i can be carried by a strong road manager, a muscular drummer, two pop divas, or placed on a lightweight hand truck.

Yamaha StagePas 600i Features

  • 680W power output (340W + 340W)
  • Newly designed high quality portable speakers (LF: 10″ woofer/ HF: 1.4″ voice coil compression drive)
  • Detachable 10-channel mixer (4 mono mic/line + 6 mono / 3 stereo line)
  • Pod/ iPhone USB connection
  • One-knob master EQ with virtual bass boost
  • High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4 types, parameter control)
  • On board feedback suppressor
  • 3-band channel EQ
  • Switchable stereo/ mono inputs
  • Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
  • Phantom power
  • Monitor and Subwoofer outputs
  • Optional reverb footswitch

Now Let’s Look at the StagePas 400i

Stagepass 600i Think of the StagePas 400i as the very versatile little brother of the 600i. Its detachable mixer is a bitsmaller – eight channels instead of ten. Four of those are selectable mic/line inputs, of which two are XLR and two will accept XLR or ¼” inch cables. Built-in phantom power means you can use your best condenser mics.

So with eight channels, if you’re using two vocal mics, and one stereo keyboard, you still have room for four more mono inputs, for example guitar, bass, and two drum mics. That’s a lot of versatility!

StagePas 400i Sound Quality

Although the StagePas 400i sports a bit less power than the 600i, its 400-watt output (200 per channel) offers impressive sound and power to spare in room-sized venues. From small churches to social halls to banquet rooms, the StagePas 400i delivers clear, reliable sound every time.

Extremely Portable

With its components locked together in an easy-to-carry bundle, the StagePas 400i weighs only 39 pounds. No special equipment is needed to haul it to your gigs.

Yamaha StagePas 400i Features

  • 400W (200W + 200W) power output
  • Newly designed high quality portable speakers (LF: 8″ woofer/ HF: 1″ voice coil compression driver)
  • Detachable 8-channel mixer (4 mono mic/line + 4 mono / 2 stereo line)
  • iPod/ iPhone USB connection
  • One-knob master EQ™ with virtual bass boost
  • High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4 types, parameter control)
  • On board feedback suppressor
  • Great-sounding 2-band channel EQ
  • Switchable stereo/ mono inputs
  • Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
  • Phantom power
  • Monitor and Subwoofer outputs
  • Optional reverb footswitch

Both Systems Offer These Awesome Features

Both systems come with two portable speakers, a detachable powered mixer, and the cables you’ll need to get the system hooked up quickly.

The 600i and 400i both include SPX digital reverbs, on-board feedback suppression and versatile EQ.

An iPod/iPhone Digital Connection lets you play music through the system before or during the show. As an added bonus, this connection charges your device, so there’s never a drained battery during or after your performance.

If you need excellent sound and dependability in an all-in-one PA system, these two StagePas systems really deliver!

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