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Ukuleles Galore!

Just last week we received a huge shipment of brand new ukuleles. Full of bright colors and unique designs, we were so excited to put these on display. To create an entire wall of ukuleles, we had to shift around our whole guitar room. Once we had the space, we whipped out our Gear Buddy® clip-on tuners and started tuning away! After they were all tuned (and then tuned again), we were able to hang them up and really see how awesome all these ukes are.

Each new ukulele comes with its very own bag, and prices start at only $41. These small instruments are great for children of any size, but the fun doesn’t stop there. People of all ages enjoy these Hawaiian instruments. Ukuleles have nylon strings, which are easy on your fingers, and they only have four strings, so learning chords and songs is always simple.

Ukuleles are the perfect gift for a family member or friend, and they’re the perfect instrument to give to yourself.

You can check out some of our ukuleles on our website here!