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New Yamaha Pocketrak Recorders – C24 and W24

C24 - W24 Pocketrak

Yamaha Pocketrak Recorders

Yamaha has recently announced two new portable, hand-held pocket recorders, the C24 and W24.

Compact and lightweight, the Yamaha W24 Pocketrak features a large dual microphone assembly for outstanding stereo sound quality. What’s more, recording is more convenient than ever thanks to the supplied wireless remote control. It’s the perfect choice for effortless recording in the studio, on the stage or out in the field.

The Yamaha C24 Pocketrak Portable Recorder is the best way to record your music lessons, practices, and band rehearsals. The C24 delivers 24bit/96kHz sound quality in the world’s smallest size, and is packed with helpful features.

These two new Yamaha POCKETRAK models C24 and W24, with 24bit/96kHz sound quality and superb operating ease, will give both professional and amateur musicians all the recording capabilities they want and more!

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Zoom R16 SD Recorder

The new Zoom R16 recorder revolutionizes recording with the first digital recorder with 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording that uses Secure Digital (SD) memory.  The R16 is three production tools in one incredibly versatile device: a digital multi-track recorder, an audio interface and a control surface. The R16 provides you with all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings anywhere.

The R16 combines a remarkable level of functionality with exceptionally intuitive design. For recording purposes, the unit supports up to 32GB SD cards, allowing over 100 track hours of recording. The flexibility of SD recording not only makes the R16 lighter and more portable, it also ensures increased reliability with no concern for a crashing hard drive. You can even have respective SD cards dedicated to specific recording sessions. Back up your project on a USB memory stick.

With the ability to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously, the R16 is perfect for recording everything: from music production and rehearsals to field recording and live performances. The R16 also features the same built-in stereo condenser microphones found on an H4 for convenient “sketch-pad” capturing of ideas or rehearsals.

Computers bring incredible control and power to the recording process, but they’re not very intuitive when it comes to mixing. And mixing makes the music. So, when you’re ready to mix, the R16 is right there with you. With its USB operation, you can control the functions of your DAW software from the R16 for easy mixing with fine-tuned control. No more mixing with a mouse! The R16’s intuitive, mixing console feel, and LED meter bridge makes mixing your tracks a pleasure.

Yamaha YDP140 and YDP160 Digital Pianos

Almost everyone is on a budget during these tough economic times, whether it’s groceries, entertainment, or eating out. But when it comes to a major purchase like a piano, the budget gets really tight! That’s were the very popular and well made Yamaha digital pianos come in; you can have your cake and eat it too. Yamaha electronic keyboards are well made, sound very good, and are affordable. Let’s take a look at a two of our best sellers.

In addition to the 88-key weighted keyboard action, the Yamaha YDP140 digital piano features duet-friendly twin headphone jacks, a choice of six voices, and a high-efficiency 6W x 2 stereo amplifier for the two internal speakers, and four types of reverb capable of making a small room sound as big as a concert hall.

The Yamaha Arius YDP140 digital piano features Yamaha’s sophisticated AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) with Dynamic Stereo Sampling for the ultimate in instrument realism. Taken at different 3 levels of soft, medium and loud each key is comprised of multiple stereo recordings of an actual grand piano. This provides subtle differences in volume and timbre depending on how you play the keys, and gives you full expressive control over the sound. In other words, you get a great piano sound! The next step up from the YDP 140, is the Yamaha YDP160. Let’s take a look.

The Yamaha YDP160 digital piano is perfect for students and experienced players alike, and provides true piano sound and feel. The GH keyboard and 3-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling voices deliver remarkably authentic sound and natural expressiveness, making it a true joy to play, both in practice and in performance. The damper pedal includes a half-damper effect, giving you nuanced expressive control over the sustained sound. Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a 1-track song recorder allows you to capture your original musical ideas and performances.

Both the YDP160 and YDP140 digital pianos are part of the new Yamaha Arius Digital Piano series. These digital pianos provide exceptionally natural, grand piano-like touch, with realistic weight gradations – heavy in the lower end, and light in the upper. The premium Graded Hammer Effect (GHE) action of the YDP160 provides even greater expressive control than GHS. In addition to its quieter mechanism, GHE features an extra key sensor capable of reproducing fast repetitive playing of a single note with perfect articulation. So Graded Hammer Effect keyboards suit skill levels from Chopsticks to Chopin Etudes and everything in between.

Tascam DP-004

Today, recording is more affordable than ever, but the creative connection with the artist is sometimes lost in the windows, menus and complex interfaces of modern recording software. The new TASCAM DP-004 recaptures the immediacy Tascam cassette models, only updated with CD-quality digital recording. The compact multitrack recorder is covered with knobs and controls, making recording and mixing simple and fun. 

The new Tascam DP-004 Portable Digital Pocketstudio recorder makes recording simple and fun again. The DP004 is based on Tascam’s groundbreaking cassette Portastudios, and retains their creative interface while updating the sound quality with CD-quality digital recording. Smaller than a paperback book, it’s portable enough to take anywhere, and built-in microphones make it perfect for capturing song ideas and rehearsals. But despite its compact design, the DP-004 retains the famously-simple TASCAM Portastudio interface – so you can concentrate on making music. 

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Tascam DR1 – New Portable Recorder

The TASCAM DR1 has built-in stereo microphones that include a unique variable angle mechanism, so you can set it to record from any angle. The DR-1 is the first portable recorder to include a 1GB card, so you’ll have plenty of CD or MP3-quality recording time for long rehearsals and concerts. And with a bargain street price, every one’s gonna want one.

A pair of microphones is mounted on a variable angle mechanism, which allows the recorder to record from almost any angle. The built-in stereo condenser microphones are arranged for a wide stereo image, and an external mic can also be used. The unit includes a generous 1GB SD card for hours of recording at MP3 or WAV file formats. The DR-1 also includes auto gain control and analog limiting for easy setup and a low-frequency cutoff to eliminate handling or wind noise.

ZOOM H2 Digital Recorder

ZOOM H2 recorder – it’s a simple idea: provide brilliant stereo recording in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable device. Now everyone can record pristine audio in an infinite variety of applications. From seminars and conferences, to electronic news gathering (ENG) and pod casting, to musical performances, songwriting sessions and rehearsals, the H2 provides amazing recording quality. And no matter what kind of music you perform or the instrument you play, the H2 can effortlessly record it in high-quality stereo.

Push a button – that’s all it takes to start recording! The H2 is a remarkably robust device that is incredibly easy to use. One button recording, gain controls on the side and an intuitive user interface mean you can always capture the moment. Set your levels, push record and go. It’s that simple. Or use the Auto Start and Auto Gain Control functions to ensure complete capture at the right level. And if you need to fine-tune your levels on the fly, Zoom made it easy with gain control buttons on the front panel.

Play your recordings on your home audio system with its 1/8″ stereo output or listen to your masterpiece with headphones. Or, use the H2’s USB interface to move your recordings to your Mac or PC to listen, edit and share.

More information on the ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder and other ZOOM products is available from the online music instrument music store at

Roland SP 555 Sampler

The newest member of the Roland SP-sampler family breaks ground with innovative features such as Loop Capture, and Super Filter. The SP-555 is fast and powerful, but one thing has been preserved from previous SP models: fun! It’s the ultimate toolkit for DJs, producers, sample-based musicians, or performers who want to take their act to the next level.

  • Ultra-easy sampling with innovative Loop Capture feature
  • Versatile sampling through Line input, phantom-powered Mic input, USB audio streaming, and WAV/AIFF import
  • Dozens of killer performance effects, including Super Filter and DJFX Looper
  • Audio interface capability with any DAW or DJ audio application (Cakewalk SONAR LE included)
  • Large Sample Memory via Compact Flash (up to 2GB)
  • Bundled Wave Converter software (Mac and PC) for importing and exporting WAV/AIFF files
  • Infrared D BEAM controller and V-LINK compatibility for high-impact performance
  • For information on Roland products, visit the music instrument music store at

    Cakewalk Home Studio Version 6

    SONAR Home Studio 6 gives you everything you need to turn your PC into a complete music production studio. Record live instruments and vocals and mix them with studio-quality audio effects. Edit audio, MIDI, and music notation. Build backing tracks or entire songs with hundreds of included instrument sounds and tempo-syncing loops. SONAR Home Studio 6 is the complete solution for creating and sharing your music.

    Audio & MIDI Recording
    Everything is laid out in an intuitive interface that lets you quickly record, edit, arrange, and mix your music. Record guitars, keyboards, vocals, live turntable scratches, CD samples, or any other sound. Even correct timing of MIDI performances while you play with Input Quantize. SONAR Home Studio puts it all together seamlessly.

    Just drag and drop a sample into DropZone, and make it part of your beat. Perfect for creating remixes or for building the perfect hook for your song. Includes real instrument sounds, drums, vocals, REX-format loops, and more. You can also preview ACID™-format loops in the tempo and key of your song, and quickly drag them into your project to create layers of tracks.

    Video Soundtracks
    SONAR Home Studio provides a fast and effective way to create, edit, and dub soundtracks for digital video files. Just use SONAR Home Studio to import and sync any Windows AVI or MPEG video. With video thumbnails and easy video export, you can quickly score, edit, and share soundtracks and sound effects for band videos or home movies.

    New Zoom Multitrack Recorder – HD16CD and HD8CD

    The new Zoom HD8CD 8-track and the Zoom HD16CD 16-track multitrack recorders record to a 80 GB internal hard drive, and feature over 100 of Zoom’s famous digital effects. These new digital multitracks from Zoom feature: built-in bass machine with a complete bank of touch-sensitive pads and over 500 drum sounds, built-in CD-R/RW drive, control surface function for DAW software, built-in USB 2.0 interface, and much more.

    For information on Zoom multitrack recorders and other products, visit

    Audio Recorders – Digital Multitrack Recorders

    Making good music is a succession of great moments, made even better when your musician friends are with you. Hours seem like minutes. Today’s audio recorders let you capture your precious moments to share with friends and family, and maybe even the world. It’s never been easier to record your music. Let’s take a look at some of the latest digital micro recorders from Edirol, Zoom, and BOSS.

    Edirol R09 Digital RecorderThe Edirol R09 is ultra small and looks like a gadget, but make no mistake, it performs. You can even record and play back MP3 files. The R09 is perfect for capturing live music events, recitals, and rehearsals. It’s also handy as a songwriter’s sketchpad, ensuring that no moment of inspiration is lost. But the R09 has many valuable uses outside of the music world as well. Students can use it to record lectures. Broadcasters and journalists can throw away their antiquated cassette recorders and use the R09 for in-the-field interviews. Wherever, whenever there’s a need to capture audio, the R09 can do it hassle-free thanks to its built-in microphone and long battery operation.

    The Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder is another “digital wonder” you can hold in your hand. The Zoom H4 features two studio-quality electret condenser microphones configured in an X/Y pattern for true stereo recording. It also includes 2 combination XLR-1/4-inch input jacks with phantom power for use with any external microphones of your choice. And the H4 is loaded with onboard studio effects like compression, limiting and mic modeling. An 1/8-inch headphone jack is also provided for monitoring.

    ZOOM H4 DIGITAL RECORDERThe H4 records data to Secure Digital (SD) media, and a 128MB SD card is included with the unit. With a 2GB SD memory card, the H4 provides up to 380 minutes of recording in 16-bit mode (CD Quality), and 34 hours in MP3 stereo mode. To move your recordings to a PC or Mac, the H4 includes a USB mass-storage interface.

    Third on our list (for no particular reason), is the new BOSS Micro BR Recording Studio. The Micro BR is so small you can put it in your pocket! It measures just 136.0 mm x 81.0 mm x 21.4 mm (5-3/8″ x 3-3/16″ x 7/8″). But even though it’s tiny, the Micro BR packs an entire studio’s worth of features into its tiny case. There are a dozen buttons on its front panel, nine knobs, and even a built-in microphone for quick capture.

    BOSS MICRO BR RECORDERAt its core, the Micro BR is a four-track studio with four simultaneous playback tracks and two simultaneous record / input tracks. However, there’s more to this recorder than meets the eye. Each of the four main playback tracks also has eight companion V-Tracks (for a total of 32), so you can record take after take after take, then pick your best material for final mixdown.

    And last but not least, is the new BOSS BR600 Recording Studio. The BR600 provides eight simultaneous playback tracks, but there’s more than meets the eye. Each of the eight tracks also contains eight V-Tracks (virtual tracks), which gives musicians quick access to 64 tracks of recorded material. They can record dozens of takes, and choose their favorites for mixdown.

    Tracks can be manipulated with the powerful effects built into the BR 600. Derived from BOSS high-end recorders, these quality algorithms can give even the dullest tracks maximum impact — mistakes can be fixed, mixes can be mastered. Included in the effects suite: COSM guitar and bass amp models plus chorus, delay, reverb, and EQ for every channel. Pitch correction is provided as well.

    BOSS BR600 MULTITRACK RECORDERWherever musicians go, the ultra-portable BR-600 is ready to record. It can operate on six AA batteries (or AC). Quality stereo microphones are built in for point-and-capture recording on the spot. Whether for recording band rehearsals, gigs, or capturing ambient sounds, the BR-600 is all musicians need to get the job done with no hassle. It records its CD-quality digital audio direct to the included Compact Flash card, the international standard for reliable, portable storage, and even comes with a custom carrying bag and XLR-to-1/4” mic adapter.