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New At Andy’s – Hartke Bass Amplifiers

Hartke Bass Amplifiers

Hartke Bass Amplifiers

We’ve just received our first shipment of Hartke bass amplifiers. Come check’em out!

New Peavey MAX Bass Amps

Peavey MAX Combo Bass Amps

Peavey MAX Combo Bass Amps

Peavey has recently shipped its newly redesigned MAX Series combo bass amps. We received the MAX 110, MAX 112, and MAX 115, and some models have already sold out!

The MAX 110 features a 10″ speaker and 100 watts of power and only weighs 35 pounds. It has to be the ultimate rehearsal amp for the bassist on the run. The next model up, MAX 112, has a 12″ speaker with 200 watts of power and weighs 40 pounds. It’s more than enough for the casual small venue gig.

The Boss Hog is the MAX 115 with 300 watts of power and a heavy-duty speaker with tweeter. Unless you’re playing ear-piercing-nose-bleeding metal music, the 115 can hold its own.

If you’d like to read more about the new Peavey MAX Series bass amplifiers, you can check them out here: Peavey Combo Bass Amps

New Peavey Bass Speaker Enclosures

Four all-new Peavey bass speaker enclosures have been introduced for the award-winning, USA-made VB™ Series. The new VB-215™, VB-115™, VB-410™ and VB-210™ are designed to accompany the all-tube Peavey VB-3™ bass amplifier, winner of Bass Player‘s prestigious Editor Award.

The Peavey VB-215 and VB-115 feature Peavey’s legendary Black Widow® loudspeakers, which produce classic bass tone with excellent power handling and punch. Both cabs are vented to allow full expression of the low frequencies. The VB-215 also has heavy-duty casters on the rear bottom to provide easy transport, plus a convenient pull-bar handle on the top rear. Built-in skid rails on the back protect the enclosure from the abuse of constant load-in and load-out road use.

The VB-410 and VB-210 showcase Peavey’s specially designed 10″ ceramic-magnet loudspeakers, as well as a dynamic horn tweeter with level control. All Peavey VB Series bass enclosures are constructed with premium-grade 12mm Baltic birch plywood, extensively braced and covered in a durable polyurethane Hammer Head™ finish.

Pro bass players such as Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot), Zakk Sandler (Black Tide), Jon Lawhon (Black Stone Cherry), Eric Taylor (Saving Abel) and Randy Armstrong (Red) use the Peavey VB Series.

The Peavey VB-215, VB-115, VB-410 and VB-210 bass cabinets will be available in Q1 2010 from Andy’s Music. For more information, call 251-633-8944, or visit

Peavey Tour Bass Amps

The Peavey Tour Series 700 and 450 bass amplifier heads, are a pair of high-powered workhorses featuring highly specialized EQ, built-in octave synth/divider, direct out with phantom power backup and patented SmartRail technology.

Tour Series bass amplifier heads offer extensive tone shaping through a nine-band graphic equalization configured so its frequency bands are spaced on “musical” frequencies. Peavey engineers adjusted the EQ centers so users can bring better definition to the low frequencies with ease. These amps also include a Peavey-exclusive analog octave synth/divider with level control and footswitchable bypass that adds an extra note one octave lower than the original note, creating textures and enriching the bottom end.

In addition, the XLR-equipped direct out allows traditional patching to a front-of-house or studio mixer, but features fail safe phantom power backup that will send a flat signal through the house P.A. or studio console. For more information on the Peavey Tour series bass amplifiers, visit the music instrument music store at