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Yamaha YHR567 French Horn

French Horn Yamaha YHR567The popular Yamaha YHR567 french horn is a full double horn with a design very similar to the innovative 667V. Though the YHR567 is priced as an intermediate model, it is used by some professional players in top orchestras. Its easy response and sure note centering make it ideal for students, while the colorful tone and precise intonation make it attractive to pros. The Yamaha YHR567 is an outstanding horn and great value for its price.

The combination of the secure high register, strong projection, and quick attack of the Bb horn with the rich, warm timbre of the F horn make the double horn ideal for most playing situations. The 4th rotor thumb lever can be adjusted to fit any hand size from small student hands to large adult hands. The use of nickel silver inner and outer slides ensures better fit and less chance of corrosion because nickel-silver is harder and more durable than brass.