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New Yamaha Bluetooth Stagepas 400BT & 600BT Portable PA Systems

Yamaha Stagepass 600BT

Yamaha Bluetooth Stagepas portable PA system


NAMM 2018 – Yamaha has just announced the new Bluetooth Stagepas 400BT and 600BT portable PA systems. They are the updated versions of the current models, Stagepas 400i and 600i.

With the new Yamaha Stagepas 400BT and 600BT, you can wirelessly stream and control audio from your Bluetooth device. They provide useful controls and power in a ready-to-use portable sound system ideal for musicians and vocalist in small venues.

Features include: One Button Intelligent Feedback Suppression, full stereo operation, 1 knob master EQ, and Yamaha’s renowed SPX digital reverb.

These new Yamaha Bluetooth sound systems should be available in March, 2018.

Save $100 Pair On Yamaha DBR15 Powered Speakers

Yamaha DBR Speaker Rebate

Yamaha is offering up to $100 rebate on their DBR Powered Speakers. The offer runs through April, 2016.  Save $25 on  DBR10, $50 on DBR12 and DBR15, per speaker.

The Yamaha DBR Series delivers powerful, high-quality sound in an easy to use package. Whether you’re powering your band’s live performance, DJ-ing a party, or MC-ing an event,  the DBR Series powered speakers can take your performance to the next level.

Save a Bundle!

New Yamaha Portable Sound System

StagePas Portable Sound System

Yamaha StagePas 600i/400i

January 10, 2013 – Yamaha has just announced the new StagePas 600i and StagePas 400i all-in-one portable sound systems. Each audio system has two key components: powered mixer and two portable speakers.

The new Yamaha StagePas portable PA systems  have more power, features, and functionality than the previous models. The StagePas 600i features a 10-channel mixer with 680 watts of power, 3-band channel EQ, and 10″ speakers. The 400i has 400 watts, 8 channel mixer with 2-band channel EQ, and 8″ speakers.

These new Yamaha audio systems are very portable, easy to setup, and will work as a PA system for almost any occasion. Updated features include: iPod/iPhone connections for high quality playback of your music, and the system even charges your device during your performance; feedback suppressor intelligently removes feedback automatically with the push of a button; 1-knob Master EQ lets you match your sound to the surroundings; and finally, the legendary Yamaha SPX digital reverb for perfect vocals and acoustic instruments.

These new Yamaha portable sound systems are scheduled to ship from Yamaha in the latter part of this month. For additional information visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.

Peavey IPR1600 Power Amp – Top Seller

Peavey IPR1600

Peavey IPR1600 Power Amplifier

The Peavey IPR1600 stereo power amplifier has been one of our best sellers this year, and it’s easy to understand why – low price, low weight, good sound! With that combination of attributes, almost anything would sell.

If you’ve ever lugged around heavy amplifiers, you’ll appreciate the lightness of the IPR1600, a lightweight 7 pounds! For a 1000 watt amplifier, that’s amazing. No more sore arms, and shoulders.

The IPR1600 also has 2 channel independent fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, a variable-speed fan housed in a lightweight aluminum chassis, patented DDT speaker protection, and the revolutionary new IPR class D topology.

Shaking up the pro audio industry with innovative power amplifier designs has become a Peavey trademark. More than 30 years ago, Peavey was the first to break the $1-per-watt barrier. Now with the Peavey IPR Series, they’ve pushed technological limits again to bring you an amazingly powerful and efficient power amp for just pennies per watt.

The next time you need a power amp, be certain to check out the Peavey IPR series. You’ll save money and get great results.

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder – New!

Zoom H1

Zoom H1 Recorder

With the introduction of the new  Zoom H1 Handy Recorder, Zoom recording technology is available to everyone. And with an infinite variety of applications, you’ll want to take your H1 everywhere. From musical performances, songwriting sessions and rehearsals to seminars, conferences, journalism or capturing audio for video, the H1 gives you clean, clear stereo sound effortlessly.

The new Zoom H1 Handy Recorder is Zoom’s smallest recorder to date, weighing in at about 2 ounces. The H1 records big sound despite its tiny footprint and features the same studio-quality microphones as Zoom’s renowned H2 – the most popular handheld recorder in the world. The H1 is priced at just $99, making it one of the most affordable professional recording solutions available.

The H1 is also the easiest Zoom recorder to use, sporting a newly designed user interface that places all its functions at the touch of a button. Zoom included access to the track marker, auto record, low cut filter, level and volume controls with onboard buttons and no menus.

For more information on Zoom recorders, visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.

Yamaha Pro Audio Clinic

John Schauer, product specialist for the Yamaha Pro Audio Division, presented a well attended Sound Reinforcement seminar at Andy’s Music on February 23.  More than 55 people attended, and each one received the Exploring Sound Reinforcement DVD published by Yamaha.

Topics included: proper microphone techniques, system components and connections, signal flow, correct use of cables and connectors, system placement, and much more.
PA System Seminar at Andy's Music, Mobile, AL

John Schauer, Yamaha Pro Audio Specialist

Sid Spoon, local bass player and long-time Andy’s Music customer won the door prize, a Yamaha C24 Pocketrak recorder. John Messerschmidt (right), District Manager for Yamaha, presents Sid with his prize.

Yamaha C24 Winner

John Messerschmidt (right) presents the Yamaha C24 to Sidney Spoon.

For additional information on Yamaha musical instruments and pro audio products, visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.

FREE Sound System “How To” Clinic

Have you ever had sound system problems like unintelligible speech, feedback, or low volume? Do you need a new sound system or help with your current system? Well, if you answered yes to these questions, Andy’s Music can help!

Andy’s Music (Mobile, AL), is hosting a free PA clinic on Tuesday evening February 23, 2010, at 7:00 PM. This seminar is for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of sound systems or improving their effectiveness and understanding of sound system operation.

Each participant will receive a free Yamaha “Exploring Sound Reinforcement” DVD (a $50 value), and can register to win the drawing for a Yamaha C24 Pocketrak Recorder – a $199.00 value.

Topics include: system components and connections, signal flow, correct use of cables and connectors, system placement, equalizing a room, and much more. Seating is limited, so reserve your space today by emailing [email protected], or calling us at 251-633-8944.

This free PA clinic is sponsored by Yamaha.  The presenter is John Schauer, a 19-year veterean of Yamaha Corporation of America.  John has more than 25 years of professional audio experience, and his ability to explain complex theories and other hard-to-understand topics by breaking them down into easy to follow terms makes his seminars both educational and entertaining.

John has worked with many professional sound companies, and assembled sound systems to provide support at all levels, from simple speech applications to 60-channel, 24,000 watt concert systems. John has provided audio for television, corporate, theatrical, and concert events and provides audio support for all of Yamaha’s corporate functions.

In his current role as product manager, John has been instrumental in developing products that the professional audio market requires. Recently, he was the executive producer for Yamaha’s Exploring Sound Reinforcement DVD, a 2+ hour in-depth explanation of sound systems.

Mark your calender and make plans for an informative and entertaining evening February 23, 7:00 PM, at Andy’s Music, 1412 Hillcrest Rd., Mobile, AL 36695.

New Yamaha Pocketrak Recorders – C24 and W24

C24 - W24 Pocketrak

Yamaha Pocketrak Recorders

Yamaha has recently announced two new portable, hand-held pocket recorders, the C24 and W24.

Compact and lightweight, the Yamaha W24 Pocketrak features a large dual microphone assembly for outstanding stereo sound quality. What’s more, recording is more convenient than ever thanks to the supplied wireless remote control. It’s the perfect choice for effortless recording in the studio, on the stage or out in the field.

The Yamaha C24 Pocketrak Portable Recorder is the best way to record your music lessons, practices, and band rehearsals. The C24 delivers 24bit/96kHz sound quality in the world’s smallest size, and is packed with helpful features.

These two new Yamaha POCKETRAK models C24 and W24, with 24bit/96kHz sound quality and superb operating ease, will give both professional and amateur musicians all the recording capabilities they want and more!

For more information on these new Yamaha Pocket Track recorders, call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944 or visit

Peavey IPR1600 Stereo Power Amp

Peavey IPR1600

Peavey IPR1600

Peavey has just released the new IPR1600 stereo power amplifier. The Peavey IPR 1600 stereo power amp features 830 watts per channel at 2 ohms and weighs in at 7 pounds! The IPR1600 also has 2 channel independent fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, a variable-speed fan housed in a lightweight aluminum chassis, patented DDT speaker protection, and the revolutionary new IPR class D topology.

The IPR 1600 has a net weight of just over 7 lbs., and utilizes an advanced design that allows Peavey engineers to dramatically reduce weight while increasing output power, reliability and thermal efficiency. Peavey IPR Series amplifiers are designed with a resonant switch-mode power supply and a high-speed class D topology that yields the highest audio resolution and efficiency available. And all at a cost that shatters the old-guard paradigm of power-amp valuation.

Power amplifiers in the Peavey IPR DSP line contain presets for Peavey SP®, PR®, Impulse®, SSE™, QW®, PV® Series loudspeakers and monitors, as well as other commonly used loudspeaker configurations, plus special presets for program music applications (dance, speech, rock, thump, loudness, contemporary worship). Manual mode allows you to assign your custom crossover points, EQ, delay and more.

For more information on Peavey power amps, call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944, or visit