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New Roland Jupiter 50 Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 50 Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 50 Synthesizer

The new Roland JUPITER-50 Synthesizer has just been announced. It has a lightweight, streamlined design that makes it an essential keyboard for keyboard players everywhere.

The sound engine of the JUPITER-50 is the sonic equal of the Jupiter 80. Users can import JUPITER-80 sound data into the JUPITER-50 or utilize powerful onboard multi-effects and reverb for studio-quality sound processing.

The Roland JUPITER-50 brings state-of-the-art technology to a slim, light, and portable synthesizer keyboard designed for live performance. It has a 76-note weighted keyboard, with a well-organized user interface that’s intuitive to navigate while performing. The color-coded front panel and Registration function makes it extremely simple to find, create, and save sounds in the heat of music making.

Features include:
* SuperNATURAL sounds powered by Roland’s most advanced sound engine
* Travel-friendly design; 76-note weighted keyboard
* Fast, friendly user interface with intuitive color-coded buttons and sliders
* Registration function for saving and selecting sounds instantly
* Pro-quality multi-effects and reverb
* Expressive performance controllers, including D BEAM, pitch/mod lever, and control input jacks
* USB Song Player/Recorder
* USB audio/MIDI functionality; bundled with SONAR LE and JUPITER-50 Control Surface plug-in for SONAR

The JUPITER-50 will be ship in the spring of 2012. For more information on Roland keyboards, visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.

New XW-P1 Casio Synth

Casio XW-P1

Casio XW-P1 61 Key Performance Synthesizer

The Casio XW-P1 performance synthesizer was recently announced. The XW-P1 features a new sound engine called HPSS (Hybrid Processing Sound Source). It has vintage analog leads and basses, drawbar organs, layers, splits, and much more.

Stay tuned for more to come on this exciting keyboard product, including the price! Current shipping date is Spring.

  • 61 keys – 64 note polyphony
  • 400 editable sounds
  • drawbar organ mode with 9 sliders
  • 9 track step sequencer, 16 step arpeggiator
  • 4 keyboard zones
  • USB and MIDI ports
  • DSP effects
  • SDHC storage – 2 GB – 32 GB capacity

For more information on the Casio keyboards, including the new WXP1 synthesizer, visit, or call 251-633-8944.

MO From Yamaha!

Expect MO from Yamaha – coming soon!

Expect MO from Yamaha

Yamaha MO-?

Casio WK-7500 Electronic Keyboard

Casio WK-7500

Casio is not a new player in the keyboard manufacturing business, they’ve been around at least since the early 1980’s. We sold their early keyboards like the VL-1 and the MT series, which were small and inexpensive, but feature laden.  Now enter the Casio WK7500.

The WK-7500 is a far cry from Casio’s early keyboards, in both price and performance.  This new Casio keyboard offers you exceptional new sounds and functions, and recording and editing capabilities. Amateur and professional players will applaud the sound quality, stylish design and production capabilities that the new WK-7500 portable keyboard offers.

The Casio WK7500, is a 76 key electric keyboard that offers an all-in-one solution to create music and easily share it with an audience. From music composition to stage performance, it is fully equipped for both live and studio performance.

Another great feature of the WK7500 is the 50 organ tones that can be individually adjusted with  nine slide controls – drawbar mode – for mixing capabilities. Change the rotary loudspeaker effects and add percussion at just the touch of a button. Most listeners will never know you’re not playing a B3!

This new Casio WK series digital keyboard also has the ability to record audio. Compositions created on the WK7500 can be recorded as an audio file on a SDHC storage card. Sounds from external instruments can be mixed and recorded. You can plug-in a microphone, guitar, bass or other instrument and play along with instrument tracks from within the keyboard. All of the sounds get mixed and saved as a stereo audio file which can be shared with friends and family via computer or put on an audio CD.

The new Casio WK-7500 electronic keyboard offers an unprecedented level of power and music making capabilities, and provides extensive composition tools in a 76 key keyboard at a previously unheard of price of $499.99!

Roland Juno Di Synthesizer

Roland Juno Di Synthesizer

Onstage or in the streets, the JUNO-Di  Roland keyboard is a traveling musician’s dream. It’s lightweight, it can run on batteries, and it’s easy to use, yet it performs and sounds like a heavyweight synth. It’s packed with a wide variety of top-quality sounds — over 1,000 to choose from! It has a friendly “direct access” control panel for easy editing and a Song Player for larger-than-life performances. First-timers and pros alike will love this friendly, portable, great-sounding synth.

  • Professional synthesizer with over 1,000 instruments onboard
  • Friendly, intuitive user interface
  • Battery operation for mobile use (supports Ni-MH AA-size rechargeable batteries)
  • MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF playback capability via optional USB memory — perfect for backing tracks when performing live
  • Microphone input with dedicated reverb and vocoder effects for sing-along
  • PC/Mac Editor software included

Yamaha S90XS and S70XS Synthesizers

The new Yamaha S90XS and S70XS synthesizers feature all the Voices, Performances,  and Virtual Circuit Modeling effects found on the flagship MOTIF XS Music Production Synthesizer. In addition, Yamaha has added a huge 142 megabytes dedicated exclusively to high-quality piano waveforms, for a total of 456 MB of instrument samples.

First among these new piano sounds are the new samples taken from Yamaha’s famous S6 concert grand piano. These fully capture the richly textured sound of that wonderfully expressive instrument, and provide a warm concert grand piano sound unavailable on any other keyboard. For variation, the MOTIF XS piano based on a
Yamaha CFIIIS is also available.

Conventional keyboards in the past had their sounds designed primarily for the listener. This time, the Yamaha development team set out to primarily satisfy the player. They reasoned that when the performer hears and experiences the best possible sound, the performance would be the best possible too!  The Yamaha  S90XS and
S70XS truly inspire and stimulate the live performer as well as the music creator and arranger.

The Performance Creator feature lets you quickly and conveniently create your own custom Performances. It’s never been easier to select a Voice, then quickly program Layers and Splits – even assigning a Drum Voice complete with arpeggios to create your perfect Performance.

The panel controls of the Yamaha S90XS and S70XS have been designed and positioned for optimum, intuitive operation, especially for live performance. You can quickly select a Part, turn it on/off, set Arpeggio on/off, switch Arpeggio Hold – all done easily with the top panel controls – and instantly tweak important synth parameters via the
Knobs and Sliders. The perfect Performance has never been easier to create and control.

These new Yamaha synthesizers have a host of other features that live performers will appreciate, like the combo input jack that accepts microphones. Simply plug in a microphone, tweak the INPUT GAIN knob (while checking the convenient PEAK lamp), and you’re all set! You can also use the Control Knobs to finely adjust the volume and even directly apply reverb or chorus to the sound.

If you’ve got a USB memory device or thumb drive, you can plug it into the S90XS or S70XS synths and record your performance as audio data. This remarkable feature lets you instantly capture what you play on the keyboard – including arpeggio playback – to your USB device.  If you’ve connected a microphone or guitar, you can even
record your singing or playing as well. You can also record audio directly to the internal flash memory (192 MB) built into the instrument, without the need of a memory device. This is a killer application!

Anything you’ve recorded to the memory device, even audio files created on your computer, can be played back on these synthesizers – which means you can create your own custom audio backing tracks and perform along with them on the S90XS or S70XS. For example, you can create a basic song track beforehand, then sing and solo over it during your performance. Or add guitar parts and vocal harmonies to be played back with your live performance. There’s also a useful Song Chain function that lets you string together separate recordings and create a convenient backing track “set list” for your gigs.

The S70XS has a 76-Balanced Hammer Effect keyboard in a compact, lightweight design. It’s easy to use, exceptionally portable, and absolutely perfect for live performers and gigging musicians. The S90XS provides 88 -Balanced Hammer Effect keyboard for those players who need a full-range, full-scale keyboard.

The new Yamaha S Series synthesizer are also a perfect companion for your computer music production system, too, serving both as a master keyboard and a full-function, multi-timbral tone generator. With the DAW Remote function and its 50 different control templates, you get amazingly easy, intuitive control over your main DAW software and VST instruments – directly from the panel controls! In addition, the Voice Editor and Remote Editor software give you convenient, comprehensive computer control over all the sounds, settings and functions of the S70XS and S90 XS synthesizers.

For more information on Yamaha keyboards and musical instruments, visit, or call Andy’s Music at 251-633-8944.