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New Yamaha DTX550K Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX550K

Yamaha DTX550K Digital Drum Kit

The new Yamaha DTX550K electronic drum set brings the power of DTX drums to anyone. The DTX550K incorporates Yamaha’s new 10” DTX-PAD for the snare, real-hi-hat trigger and stand, plus three-zone cymbals.

The compact configuration of the DTX550K is centered on the Snare, Hi-Hat and Ride Cymbal, three of the core components of any drum kit. With an amazing feel and a diverse array of functions, the DTX550K comes with an impressive range of sounds that make it an ideal choice, whether practicing at home or performing live on stage.

As the focal point of the drum kit, the DTX550K features a newly-developed DTX-PAD Snare, the “XP100SD”. In developing this drum pad Yamaha set out to do more than just offer a drum head that plays like an acoustic drum. Yamaha worked with top musicians to find out exactly how the feel of a drum encourages a drummer to keep playing. The DTX-PAD is the result of this collaboration, and features a “Textured Cellular Silicone Head” with an air bubble configuration optimized to give it the perfect response for continuous play and subtle stickwork.

Click here to view the Yamaha DTX550K video.

Yamaha DTX550K Features:

  • New XP100S 10” 3-zone snare pad
  • RHH135 2-zone real hi-hat pad
  • PCY155 3-zone ride cymbal pad
  • PCY135 3-zone crash cymbal pad
  • KP65 kick pad
  • DTX500 Drum Trigger Module
  • 427 drum and percussion, 22 melody voices
  • 50 Preset/20 user drum kits
  • Genuine Yamaha HS650A hi-hat stand
  • Featuring RS85A aluminum rack system
  • Bass drum pedal not included