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      Blog Post — Ibanez Guitar

      New Ibanez Artwood Fingerstyle Acoustic Electric Guitars

      Ibanez Artwood Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

      Ibanez recently announced its new Artwood Fingerstyle acoustic guitars featuring solid spruce tops and a new two-pickup system.

      Electronics include an Ibanez T-bar under-saddle pickup in combination with a block contact pickup and the DP1 preamp. The under-saddle pickup reduces noise and provides a natural piezo-style sound while capturing palm hits with a bass drum-like response.

      The contact pickup on the neck block is resistant to feedback and captures percussive sound from the body to the neck. It complements the under-saddle pickup by adding natural acoustic tones produced by the body.

      The Ibanez Artwood Fingerstyle Series includes grand concert and dreadnought styles, and prices range from $699.00 to $1200.00. They should be available in the near future.

      For additional information, visit

      Ibanez MSC350BK Acoustic Electric Guitar

      Ibanez MSC350BK Acoustic Electric Guitar

      The new Ibanez Montage MSC350 acoustic-electric guitar is a simplified version of the original Montage series and features a 3-way switch that enables you to get both acoustic and electric guitar sounds. Both sounds have individual controls.

      The under-saddle pickup on the MSC350, along with 3-band EQ and the anti-feedback system, deliver clear acoustic tone without compromise. The magnetic pickup and gain control give you distorted electric guitar sound instantly.

      • Body Shape: Ibanez Original MSC Body
      • Top: Spruce
      • Back & Sides: Mahogany
      • Neck: Mahogany
      • Pickup: Ibanez AP10 Magnetic Pickup & Ibanez Under Saddle Pickup
      • Preamp: Ibanez Original M300 Preamp with 3-band EQ and onboard tuner
      • Tuning Machines: Die-Cast Chrome Ibanez Smooth Tuners
      • Nut & Saddles: Ibanez Ivorex II
      • Bridge pins: Ibanez Advantage Bridge Pins
      • Strap button: Ibanez Strap Button for Acoustic Guitars
      • Fretboard: Rosewood
      • Strings: D'Addario EXP
      • Finish: Black high gloss