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Dunlop Gel Egg Shaker - various colors
Our Price: $2.98
Gel Maracas are made from our unique custom formulated polycarbonate composition which provides a consistant dry sound and playability.
Hohner 3720 Green Tones Egg Shaker
Our Price: $4.00
One piece wood body is easy to hold with smooth, curved edges. Recyclable pellets provide a soothing shaking sound. Great addition to story and playtime.
Hohner 3722 Green Tones Spinning Drum
Our Price: $13.95
List Price: $15.00
You Save $1.05!
5 Rubberwood spinning drum. Spinning the handle quickly hits the attached balls and make a rhythmic drumming sound.
Hohner 3727 Green Tones Stirring Xylo
Our Price: $15.00
5.5 Rubberwood stirring xylophone. Wooden mallet stirred inside xylophone creates soothing soft sounds.
Hohner 3728 Green Tones Side to Side Shaker
Our Price: $12.00
5" shaker with piston blocks that add a unique percussive sound when shaking.
Hohner 3729 Green Tones Triangle Castanet
Our Price: $12.00
5.5" Rubberwood castanet in unique triangle shape. Also with smooth easy grip handle. Provides clapper castanet sound and develops fine motor skills.
Hohner 3760 Green Tones Tom Tom Drum
Our Price: $25.00
6 traditional double headed drum with natural heads produces a deep drum sound. The double head allows you to play on both sides. Child-safe loop allows you to easily hold it while playing or carrying around.
Hohner 3765 Green Tones Egg Maracas
Our Price: $10.00
Hohner 3770 Green Tones Square Tone Drum
Our Price: $30.00
6 eco-friendly Rubberwood tone drum with 4 grooved tone chambers that produce warm and appealing rhythms when struck. Play with the easy-to-hold rubber headed mallet or drum with your fingers. There are no wrong notes!
Hohner 3775 Green Tones Race Car Whistle
Our Price: $17.95
List Price: $20.00
You Save $2.05!
6 Rubberwood Race Car Whistle has oversized wheels making it easy to glide across all surfaces. Multi-play product play as a race car or as a whistle. Easy to play as whistle.

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