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101 Must-Know Acoustic Licks
A Quick, Easy Reference for All Guitarists

Catalog number: 696045

Our Price: $17.99
Now you can add authentic acoustic guitar licks and riffs to your vocabulary....
7-String Guitar
An All-Purpose Reference for Navigating Your Fretboard

Catalog number: 695508

Our Price: $14.99
Introducing 7-String Guitar, the first-ever method book written...
7-String Guitar Chord Book
Catalog number: 695677

Our Price: $6.99
This convenient reference features easy-to-read diagrams of the most commonly...
Alternate Tuning Chord Dictionary
A Complete Reference to Over 7,000 Chords

Catalog number: 695676

Our Price: $19.99
An alternate tuning is created when one or more strings of the guitar are tuned...
Alternate Tunings for Guitar
Includes the DVD Altered Tunings and Techniques for Modern Metal Guitar

Catalog number: 1531

Our Price: $14.99
This bonus pack includes the book Alternate Tunings for Guitar by Richard...
Alternate Tunings for Guitar
Catalog number: 2500521

Our Price: $9.95
Create a variety of new chord & note voicings, emulate the feel of other...
Guitar Reference Guide

Catalog number: 2500125

Our Price: $14.99
This book allows players to find any arpeggio quickly and with ease. No music...
Beyond Strumming
Acoustic Guitar Private Lessons Series

Catalog number: 277135

Our Price: $24.99
Learn to create dynamic accompaniment parts in any setting with this ultimate...
Blues Guitar Chords
Learn the Essential Chords You Need to Start Playing the Blues Now!

Catalog number: 696483

Our Price: $9.99
In any music style, there are essentials – scales, licks, chords, etc....
Blues Guitar Inside and Out
Catalog number: 2509190

Our Price: $19.95
This unique, insightful book tells the story of an old man and a boy as they...

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