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AC/DC - Guitar Signature Licks
A Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Guitar Styles and Techniques of Angus & Malcolm Young

Catalog number: 14041352

Our Price: $22.99
Learn to play high-voltage riffs & solos of one of rock's greatest bands! This...
Bobby Thompson of Job for a Cowboy - Metal Guitar
Dark Metal, Triads & Chugging Level Two

Catalog number: 14022171

Our Price: $24.99
This program builds on the techniques learned in Level One. Ravi and Bobby of...
Dan Jacobs of Atreyu - Metal Guitar
Leads, Runs & Rhythms Level One

Catalog number: 14021343

Our Price: $24.99
If you have basic knowledge of guitar playing, this program with Dan Jacobs...
Dan Jacobs of Atreyu - Metal Guitar
Leads, Runs & Rhythms Level Two

Catalog number: 14021344

Our Price: $24.99
This program with Dan Jacobs of Atreyu, one of Metalcore's most popular...
Daniel Donato - The New Master of the Telecaster
Pathways to Dynamic Solos

Catalog number: 121923

Our Price: $19.99
This exclusive instructional book and DVD set includes guitar lessons taught by...
Jazz, Rock & Funk Guitar
Modern Techniques for the Electric Guitarist Private Lessons Series

Catalog number: 217690

Our Price: $19.99
Renowned fusion guitarist Dean Brown explains and provides detailed...
John McCarthy - Blues Guitar

Catalog number: 14004674

Our Price: $19.99
Become a blues guitar god. This instruction, featuring guitarist John McCarthy...
John McCarthy - Blues Guitar

Catalog number: 14004675

Our Price: $19.99
Blues is the foundation of virtually every major American music form born in the...
John McCarthy - Blues Guitar

Catalog number: 14004679

Our Price: $19.99
Building on the techniques learned in the beginner DVD, in this Intermediate...
John McCarthy - Lead Guitar
Techniques for Creating Solos Expand Your Arsenal!

Catalog number: 14018746

Our Price: $24.99
Designed by world renowned guitarist John McCarthy, this collection of lead...

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