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Yamaha Venova YVS-100 Wind Controller
Our Price: $99.99
List Price: $129.99
You Save $30.00!
The Yamaha Venova YVS-100 is fun to play, easy to learn, and sounds similar to a soprano saxophone.
Hohner 3P560BX Special 20 3-pack Keys A C G
Our Price: $119.99
List Price: $158.00
You Save $38.01!
Special 20 Pro Pack containing 3 harmonicas. Keys of G, A, & C The New Standard....
Hohner Kazoo - qty 1. Assorted colors
Our Price: $1.50
These kazoos are perfect for hiking, car trips, gigging, and small children.
Hohner 15017 Bluesband Harmonica 7-Pack with Case
Our Price: $42.95
Sale Price: $34.95
List Price: $57.00
You Save $22.05!
This great Hohner Bluesband harmonica starter kit gives you seven different key harmonicas (G, A, Bb, C,D,E,F) packaged in a padded hard shell carrying case.
Yamaha YRS-20BG Soprano Recorder - Green
Our Price: $9.99
Translucent colored recorders can make practicing more fun for students. Made of ABS resin and offer the same fine qualities as Yamaha's other ABS resin recorders.
Our Price: $23.99
Authentic Ozark Jaw Harp (Various Colors)
Our Price: $7.95
List Price: $8.50
You Save $0.55!
A quality musical instrument that anyone can play.
Trophy Circus Time Slide Whistle - various colors
Our Price: $4.25
Circus Time, slide whistles from Trophy. Easiest of all novelty instruments to play. One slide whistle, colors vary.
Clarke CWD Celtic D Tinwhistle
Our Price: $13.88
One cannot hear a slow air played with depth of feeling on a Tinwhistle by a true Celt without being drawn into, and sharing, the emotions expressed by the player.
Miniature Gold Plated Trombone Christmas Tree Ornament
Our Price: $11.95
Mini trombone ornament you can hang where ever you wish!

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