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Guitar World Buyer's Guide 2012 - Issue #112
Catalog number: 77770454

Our Price: $9.99
Over 1,500 products are included in the ultimate guitar buyer's guide for 2012...
Guitar World Magazine - April 2012
Catalog number: 77771027

Our Price: $7.99
50 Best Van Halen Songs of all time. As Van Halen release their first new album...
Guitar World Magazine - August 2012
Catalog number: 77771031

Our Price: $7.99
Covr feature story on Eddie Van Halen. Plus Freddie King, and the 25h...
Guitar World Magazine - December 2012
Catalog number: 77771035

Our Price: $7.99
Cover feature story on the Beatles psychedelic years. Plus Kirk Hammett, Jimmy...
Guitar World Magazine - December 2013 Issue
Catalog number: 77771523

Our Price: $7.99
Guitar World – December 2013 Cover Stories: 20th Anniversary of...
Guitar World Magazine - February 2012
Catalog number: 77771025

Our Price: $7.99
Cover feature  story on Pink Floyd, and the making of Wish You Were Here. Plus...
Guitar World Magazine - Holiday 2012
Catalog number: 77771036

Our Price: $7.99
Cover feature story on Aeroemith and Joe Perry, who discusses their new album....
Guitar World Magazine - Holiday 2013
Catalog number: 77771626

Our Price: $7.99
Guitar World – Holiday 2013 Cover Stories: Exclusive! Roger Waters:...
Guitar World Magazine - January 2012
Catalog number: 77771024

Our Price: $7.99
Cover feature story on ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. Plus Wilco, Judas Priest, Animals...
Guitar World Magazine - July 2012
Catalog number: 77771030

Our Price: $7.99
Cover feature story on Slash. PLus Kirk Hammett, Lenny Kravitz, Brian Setzer,...

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