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24 Artistic Studies

Catalog number: 3770546

Our Price: $17.95
28 Advanced Studies (Tuba)

Catalog number: 3770369

Our Price: $17.95
60 Musical Studies, Book 1

Catalog number: 3770347

Our Price: $19.95
60 Musical Studies, Book 2

Catalog number: 3770348

Our Price: $16.95
Easy Improvisation (Tuba)
for Tuba

Catalog number: 236554

Our Price: $9.99
Easy Improvisation is a great way to learn the basics of improvising, on...
Intermediate Studies for Developing Artists on Tuba
Catalog number: 114421

Our Price: $14.95
This text covers every possible style appropriate to an intermediate book for...
Learn As You Play Tuba (Tuba)
Tuba in B.C.

Catalog number: 48010799

Our Price: $20.99
This course places the maximum emphasis on the early development of...
Lip Slurs for Tuba
Catalog number: 148792

Our Price: $14.95
Until now, there has not been a bass clef tuba book entirely dedicated to the...
Practical Tutor for the Bass (Tuba) (Tuba)
Bass/Tuba in C (B.C.)

Catalog number: 48010012

Our Price: $45.00
Revised Edition
Rubank Advanced Method, Vol. 1 - Bass/Tuba (B.C.)
Catalog number: 4470460

Our Price: $7.99
(Bass clef in C)

An outlined course of study designed to follow...

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