Convenient and Professional Guitar Instruction

Private Guitar Lessons from Andy's Music

Are you looking for top-notch guitar lessons right here in Mobile, Alabama? Look no further! Andy's Music can hook you up with some great instructors to start you on the road to a lifetime love of music.

Whatever type of music you prefer, our staff of accomplished and inspirational instructors will tailor your lessons to fit your special style of learning. Our personalized approach ensures your satisfaction and enjoyment as you build new confidence through each step of your musical adventure.

People take guitar lessons for many different reasons and expected outcomes. Perhaps you've always enjoyed music and now want to make it a more hands-on part of your life. Maybe you already play and want to take your skills to newer, higher levels. Could it be you want to write and perform that love song you carry inside you for that special someone? These are all great reasons for starting guitar lessons at Andy's Music today.

Aside from the pure satisfaction you'll get from learning to play the guitar, there are other important reasons to make music lessons part of your life. Let's look at just a few:

Mastering music takes discipline and practice. The skills you will hone in your musical pursuits can help you be more focused and disciplined in all areas of your life.

Guitar lessons at Andy's Music let you take some very special, personal time away from your daily routine. This can clear your mind and help you become more effective in your other endeavors. When you return to whatever tasks you have on hand, you'll find you're more spontaneous and creative, able to find new and more productive solutions.

Researchers have shown that music lessons help develop "whole brain" skills. While creativity is a function of the "right" brain, the logical and mathematical functions of music also develop your "left" brain. The bottom line: You are becoming a focused, integrated thinker, with greater problem-solving skills to carry with you into all areas of your life.

Our teachers offer years of professional music and teaching experience. Check them out by visiting our Instructors page.