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        Guitar Instructor

        Mark Lachelt is an electric/acoustic guitar player, composer, and instructor originally from Niagara Falls, Canada. Mostly self-taught, he began his lifelong obsession with the guitar in his early teens, after four years of classical piano training. He works with a wide variety of styles including rock, metal, blues, fusion, latin and classical. 

        Throughout high school, Mark performed with many bands, both live and in the studio. While studying at university, he branched out into studio sessions for TV and radio, along with hundreds of live performances with rock, metal, and blues bands. In addition, he has also performed with such diverse acts as the Niagara Symphony and renowned composer Stephan Moccio. After completing his university degree, Mark began teaching guitar privately. Now, relocated in Mobile, Mark seeks to share his passion for music and the instrument with his students.

        Through his experience, Mark has developed a unique and effective set of strategies for teaching students of all ages and abilities. His approach is based on the philosophy that one size does not fit all. Each student is a unique creative individual and receives a lesson path specifically tailored to meet their goals, personality and learning style.