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      Music Lessons at Andy's Music
      Private and Group Music Lessons

       Music Lessons at Andy's Music


      Music Lessons
      Music lessons at Andy's Music School are for people of all ages who want to enjoy making music. Scientific research has shown that music instruction provides people with important experiences that can help develop physical coordination, timing, memory, visual, aural and language skills.

      Parents have discovered that music for kids helps improve their child's self confidence, concentration, and focus. These improvements help children succeed in school and in other extra curricular activities.

      Music Class Is Not Just For Children
      Piano lessons and guitar lessons are not just for children! Fulfill your life long dream to make music. Adult students quickly discover that music making helps curb stress after a long day at work or with the kids!

      You're never too old for music lessons. Both private and group lessons help you stay mentally active. Many adult students are picking up their first instrument while others are relearning an instrument they played in their youth. Either way, taking music lessons is therapeutic to the body, mind, and spirit.

      Music Instructors
      Learn more about our instructors by clicking here.

      Our Lesson Program is based upon a 48 lesson calendar year. Tuition ranges in price from $100/mo - $120/mo depending on the instructor. Monthly tuition includes one 30 minute private lesson each week subject to the lesson calendar. Most months contain four lessons while some may have more or less. 

      Give Andy's a call or complete the lesson form below, and rid yourself of those old regrets of not taking music lessons! Call 251-633-8944.


       Andy's Music Student Lesson Form


      Lesson Brochure 2020 Lesson Calendar