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        Now is the time to weigh the advantages of renting over buying. Our convenient Advantage Rental Plan is the answer to all of your questions. Here are some things to ponder:

        Quality: Andy's rental programs offer quality educator-approved brands with great playability. Beginning students trying to learn on poor equipment are most likely to quit band after a very short time. Our experience has shown that starting out with a quality instrument takes the frustration out of learning music. At Andy's we guarantee the playability of our rental instruments so your child has every advantage in order to excel.

        Low Monthly Payments: Affordability is an important issue when starting out on an instrument. Andy's gives you the best of both worlds: low monthly payments and name brand serviceable instruments.

        Peace of Mind: If your child has ever broken something valuable you will appreciate the Peace of Mind (POM) service plan. POM covers normal playing condition adjustments and accidental damage. POM is included with each rental. With general maintenance and repair covered, that's less money coming out of your pocket.

        Discounted Payoff: If your child is showing real promise as a budding musician and wants to keep his instrument, you might qualify for a discount when paying off your balance.