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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Margareta M.
        Absolutely beautiful

        After researching the best guitars for beginners, I found this Fender classic CN60s. The sound Is beautiful. Several people that have seen my guitar now want one! All I can say is that it is worth it. You just need a case and a hook/stand to keep it in good condition.

        Awesome First Guitar

        Ever want to learn a country song, be a rockstar, play Latin love songs, or Margaritaville? But, when you tried it on your brother’s steel string, your fingers cried? Then try Fender’s classical with nylon strings! This is an easy to tune (and stay in tune) and easy to play guitar you’ll turn to any time you want to practice or play, and that’ll be often. Andy’s folks turned me onto this guitar and I love it. Didn’t know Fender made classical models. The smaller width of the neck makes it easier to play chords and stay in the right hand/wrist/arm position without strain. I don’t have large meaty hands so this works better for me. The neck is the same as any Fender electric so when I’m ready to rock on a Strat or Telecaster, the transition will be simple. The construction is really good and the sound is good. Finish is excellent. There’s two pegs to make it easy to put on a strap. Strum or finger pick, both work well with nylon strings. This is my go to back porch guitar I’ll play for years - mainly because I won’t get frustrated with it. And the price delivers a lot of guitar, especially if you’re just getting started. Check out Fender Play app and you’re on your way!