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ASAP Bluegrass Guitar
Learn How to Play the Bluegrass Way
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ASAP Bluegrass Guitar is designed for folks wishing to become highly proficient bluegrass players. You'll be able to combine sophisticated left-hand fingerings with both simple and intricate right-hand picking patterns. Appropriate for beginning guitar players or more experienced players wishing to learn specifics and songs in the bluegrass style. With this book and the accompanying 2 CDs you'll learn the basics, single-note melodies, how to embellish basic melodies, embellish melodies by adding notes from the major scale, embellishing melodies with added chords strums, Carter-style playing, shuffle rhythm patterns, alternate bass strumming, the blues in bluegrass, intros, turnarounds and endings, using the capo, cross picking, improvising a solo, practicing effectively, and much more!

Some of the more popular bluegrass songs you'll learn are: Billy in the Lowground, New River Train, Wildwood Flower, Foggy Mountain Blues, Clinch Mountain Blues, Red Haired Boy, Forked Deer, Bill Cheatham, All the Good Times Past and Gone, Blackberry Blossom, Temperance Reel, Salt Creek, Devil's Dream, June Apple, Black Mountain Rag, Saint Anne's Reel, Banks of the Ohio, Beaumont Rag, Salty Dog Blues, John Henry, and many more. Start playing bluegrass guitar...ASAP!

128 pages.

Publisher: Centerstream Publications
Style: Guitar
Format: Book/2-CD Pack

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