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Yamaha MODX8 88-Key Synthesizer
192 Note Polyphony, Weighs Only 30.7 Pounds, Same Technology As MONTAGE

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The new Yamaha MODX8 synthesizer is the latest addition to the Yamaha synth lineup, and it’s ideal for the church lady, professional synthesist, or anyone in between. Superb sound and easy to use features allow almost anyone to create beautiful music. It has the same technology as the Yamaha MONTAGE, and is designed for the musician on the go - it's compact, lightweight and portable.

The MODX8 sound engine is based on the same technology as the MONTAGE: AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and synthesis engine and a pure FM-X (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer modernized for amazing sound playback and complex sound design.

If you were lucky enough to be around in the 1980s, you remember the Yamaha DX7 and FM synthesis - it created quite a stir in the music business. FM-X is an amazingly sophisticated pure synthesizer engine capable of producing classic ‘80s or cutting-edge, EDM sound with incredible dynamic range, power, and fidelity. MODX features an 8-operator FM architecture and 64-note polyphony, allowing for a massive array of sound design options.

Only found in Yamaha music synthesizers, the AWM2 engine offers much more than just sample playback. Each of the 16 AWM2 parts features eight fully-programmable synthesizers with a filter (18 different types!,) amplitude, pitch, and filter envelope generators, nine LFOs, 3-band EQ and a dedicated dual insert effect with Virtual Circuitry Modeling.

Yamaha is much respected in many product categories, and their success in digital effects is world renowned. From high definition reverbs to incredibly detailed Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, MODX is loaded with DSP innovation, power and, most importantly, sound quality. Use effects like Beat Repeat, Vinyl Break or Bit Crusher to get EDM sound. The Spiralizer effect creates the auditory illusion of a tone continually rising or falling in pitch without getting higher or lower.

You can even add a compressor with sidechain for a modern “ducking” effect. Or go retro with vintage effects like Analog Delay, VCM Phaser or a variety of Amp Simulators. Piano players will appreciate piano-focused effects like Damper Resonance for a super-realistic piano experience and the HD reverbs that let you put yourself in any performance space.

MODX8 features 128-note stereo AWM2 polyphony and 64-notes of FM-X polyphony. Due to the unique architecture of MODX and MONTAGE, this polyphony is always available without latency or compromising other features.

The Super Knob allows simultaneous control of up to 128 parameters in a single Performance - you read that correctly, 128 parameters! This means you can control nearly anything from mix functions like volume, pan and effect sends to detailed synth parameters like filters, LFOs, and Operators.

The Super Knob can also be assigned to a second FC7 foot controller making it easy for you to manipulate the sound while playing with both hands.

As expected for modern computer-based music production, MODX features a professional 4-in/10-out, multi-channel USB audio interface. A single-cable connection replaces the need for an external audio interface.

The Envelope Follower converts audio into a control source for control of virtually any synthesizer parameter. For example, a drum loop could drive effects parameters for a cool rhythm or a vocal recording could control multiple parameters for a “talking” synthesizer. The audio can even be a “live” source through the A/D input.

Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) lets you change performances seamlessly without any cut-off in envelope or effects. This is perfect for live performances where you end one song and start another without stopping.

MODX8 includes 1 GB of non-volatile user flash memory with high-speed reading/writing for your own custom samples or synth libraries from

Coupled with two A/D inputs, MODX8 is a perfect centerpiece for any professional recording studio or live computer rig.

Automatically control the dynamic behavior of one part from another. Sidechain is very popular in modern dance music where a pad or other sustain part is “keyed” to the kick drum. When the kick drum plays, it ducks down the sustained part creating a “pumping” rhythmic effect.

Every artist wants to sound unique. Take control and stand out from the crowd. Bring the sophistication of music production automation to real-time live performance with Motion Control.

Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronized, completely customizable control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter and provide incredible new ways of creating sound.
They have dedicated controls on the front panel making it easy to manipulate and change in real-time, providing incredible interactivity and expression.

ABS (Audio Beat Sync) detects the beat of an external device like an electronic drum kit, drum machine or audio player plugged into the A/D input and synchronizes the MODX Arpeggiator, Motion Sequencer or Songs to the tempo of the external input. The MODX synthesizer “listens” to live music and plays in time.

MODX is bundled with Cubase AI, Steinberg's professional music production application that offers integrated recording and editing.

Andy's Music, a NAMM TOP 100 Dealer, has been an authorized Yamaha dealer continuously since 1977 and is one of the few dealers in the U.S. that sells all Yamaha music products. If you have questions about a Yamaha product, please give us a call. Family owned and operated since 1977.

Yamaha MODX8 88-Key Synthesizer Features:

  • 88-key weighted action GHS keyboard
  • Initial touch
  • Motion Control is a highly customizable synthesizer engine control matrix
  • The Super Knob can control up to 128 parameters simultaneously for highly expressive sound interaction
  • Send 10/return 4 audio channels + 16 MIDI channels to your computer or iOS device via USB
  • Live Sets allow Performance organization without copying, changing order or renaming
  • 4-Part Seamless Sound Switching: change Performances while holding notes without sound or effect cutoff
  • Control Assign allows a quick, easy parameter to control assignment
  • The A/D Input processes external audio sources through the instrument DSP.
  • Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronized control sequences for creating rhythmic sound changes
  • The Envelope Follower lets internal or external audio control synthesizer parameters
  • AWM2 provides data compression without sacrificing sound quality
  • 192-note total polyphony: 128-note stereo AWM2 + 64-note FM-X
  • 1 GB Internal Flash memory lets you install your own samples and external libraries for a personalized sound set
  • FM-X features 8-operator FM synthesis capable of producing incredible dynamic sound
  • Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage effect and signal processors
  • Sidechain automatically controls the dynamic behavior of one part from another
  • Vocoder effect recreates classic synth vocal sounds
  • USB "TO HOST" allows MIDI connectivity to your USB-equipped computer or iOS device
  • The USB "TO DEVICE" port allows connection of USB flash drives for storing and recalling data
  • Rhythm Pattern is a quick and easy way to add drums or percussion to any Performance
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 52.5" x 6.16" x 15 7/8"

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